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New Orleans Area DIY Events and Shows

Last Updated February 19, 7:30 PM :: This list is an events calendar of [loosely] DIY activities in New Orleans.  This calendar includes music shows, independent theater, activist and other types of meetings, etc. You will not find a listing for the House of Blues.  The only way we can keep this list accurate and up-to-date is if you keep us informed.  We can't spend every waking hour searching the internet and looking for flyers.  Tell us what's going on! Submit your show to get it listed.

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Wednesday, February 20
Mozes and the Firstborn | The Parrots
Wednesday, February 20. Gasa Gasa. 8PM. $10 advance / $12 door.
Playing a potent mix of sleazy grunge and power pop perfection Mozes and the Firstborn hail from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The band started out in 2010 with Melle Dielesen on vocals, guitar and songwriting, Corto Blommaert on bass and Raven Aartsen on drums. Ernst-Jan van Doorn joined later on guitar. In 2011 they released their first EP ‘I Got Skills’ which title track rather fast became the fan’s favorite. The band’s inspirations vary from Guided by Voices and Beck to Weezer and Nirvana.
Something Sneaky
Wednesday, February 20. SideBarNOLA. 9PM.
Aurora Nealand presents Something Sneaky
Barghest | Fat Stupid Ugly People | Space Cadaver | Crossed
Wednesday, February 20. Steel Church (2635 Gravier Street). 7:30PM-11PM. $7.
Four bands from the Southeast Louisiana region will come together for one night of affordable audio mayhem. This show will be done by 11pm. Come have some fun on a weekday night. Thanks!
Dana Ives | Cicada
Wednesday, February 20. Wolf Den (at the Howlin Wolf). 9PM. $5.
Dana Ives is a New Orleans based post-punk/indie rock band. They combine a raw, distorted sound with tongue in cheek lyrics, samples, heavy doses of ‘verb and the occasional hints of Americana trumpet. The band has garnered a lot of influence from the works of Ian MacKaye, Isaac Brock, and David Byrne. Band founders, Matt Ernst (guitar and vocals) and Ethan Wallace (drums) are both from the badlands of sunny California. They spent their childhoods immersed in local bands until relocating separately to New Orleans once they became of age. They met coincidentally in the peaks of their youth where they found themselves having the same desires for aggressive/heavy music - causing them to partner up and create Dana Ives As they both delved deeper into their passions for similar taste and sound - they began forming the idea for their upcoming EP. This EP seeks to challenge the traditional views of the American hero, battling characters media has grown to love and portray, such as John Wayne. Their rejection of the John Wayne stereotype gave them a sense of freedom that allowed them to speak more openly on topics of manic personality , love and what it means to be a man. Dana Ives can be found in New Orleans playing monthly shows. The band will be releasing their debut EP in the spring of 2019 and the band plans to follow the release with a tour in the summer of 2019.
Thursday, February 21
JD Hill & The Jammers
Thursday, February 21. Bar Redux. 9PM-11PM. FREE.
JD Hill has been bending his unique style of traditional and electric blues harmonica and vocals into R&B, rock, New Orleans funk, and late-night boogie blues for many decades now, influenced strongly by Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter, Jimi Hendrix, James Cotton, and James Brown. JD has had the honor and privilege to play with many local and global music legends such as Deacon John, Dr. John, James Booker, the Nevilles, Jessie Hill, Earl King, Allen Toussaint, Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn and too many more to name. JD and the Jammers gigs are well-known in New Orleans for his openness to other musicians to come and jam with him. You never know who might
Klezervation Hall
Thursday, February 21. The Country Club. 7PM. FREE.
Come experience local breweries & neighborhood personalities at the Country Club. This event features free live music by Klezervation Hall. ALL LOCAL beer, Shindig Vodka, Parade Rums, Crescent Vodka, and Roulaison Rum will be $5 each.
Brad Walker, Matt Booth & Paul Thibodeaux
Thursday, February 21. SideBarNOLA. 7PM.
Gettin' Fess-tive
Thursday, February 21. SideBarNOLA. 9PM.
Reggie Scanlan, Tom Worrell & Lionel Batiste, Jr
Friday, February 22
American Whip Appeal
Friday, February 22. Bar Redux. 9PM-11PM. FREE.
American Whip Appeal- Country Glamour Mischief Rock & Roll
Borealis Rex
Friday, February 22. The Circle Bar. 10PM. $5. Clickem Youth
The Unnaturals | Aloha Oi
Friday, February 22. Portside Lounge. 10PM. $5. Aysia 999 Promotions
Jimmy Robinson & Michael Skinkus
Friday, February 22. SideBarNOLA. 9PM.
Saturday, February 23
Tiny Dinosaur & The Gravity Wells | Cicada
Saturday, February 23. Bar Redux. 8PM-11PM. FREE.
Tiny Dinosaur and the Gravity Wells Springing into action in the aftermath of a celestial catastrophe, Tiny Dinosaur is on a quest. Using his spiraling imagination and witty lyrics, he spins tales of love, political turmoil, and invasion by body-snatching alien lizards. With the help of the Gravity Wells (the siren Dusky Waters and the golem named Biggie Garfunkel) they create a truly unique brand of folk that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.
Bottomfeeders | Painted Hands | DJ Suzy Q | DJ Chris Devoe
Saturday, February 23. Black and Gold Wash and Fold (2533 Carondelet). 10PM-2AM. $5.
The 2nd Annual Bubblehead Ball is on Feb 23rd! Costumes encouraged!! This will be the LAST after hours party at the B&G! It has been amazing to host so much great music! Come party with us one more time!!
Mahmoud Chouki, Alex Massa & Yakou Daniel N'Guessan
Saturday, February 23. SideBarNOLA. 9PM.
The Grooxs | The Noise Complaints | Pucusana
Saturday, February 23. Third Coast Studios (6411 St. Claude Avenue). 8:30PM. FREE.
1st Annual Mardi Gras Warehouse Show. Art show and more!
Sunday, February 24
The Tombstone Troubadours
Sunday, February 24. Bar Redux. 9PM-11PM. FREE.
Join us for an evening of Jazz Western Swing
Blue Moon Circus
Sunday, February 24. Gasa Gasa. 8PM. $10. Booking
Step right up! Right this way to the most spectacular and peculiar! Witness feats of strength, daring and unusual acts, graceful beauties, comedic interludes and inappropriate games! Ember dares to dance with sharp objects, tame the flame and expose bits and pieces of her... character... to entrance the audience. JuJu shocks and amazes with electrified endurance and multiple hoop manipulation. Eric Odditorium masterfully swallows swords before your very eyes. Sideshow Matt shows off his strength and wit while emceeing this wild show! As always, Blue Moon Circus will have inappropriate games for the audience to play! Original art and merchandise by the cast will be available for purchase. Bring tips if you’d like to show a little extra appreciation for this fun crew! Check us out on Instagram @bluemooncircus
Sunday, February 24. Suis Generis (3219 Burgundy). 8PM-11PM. FREE.
African and Caribbean Vintage Vinyl Night with DJ Noal and Dub Insurgent.
Clutch | Big Business | The Inspector Cluzo
Sunday, February 24. The Varsity. 6PM. $32 adv. / $35 DOS.
Monday, February 25
Ron Gallo | Post Animal
Monday, February 25. Gasa Gasa. 8PM. $13 advance / $15 door.
Instant Opus
Monday, February 25. SideBarNOLA. 9:30PM.
Instant Opus presents Brian Haas, Alex Massa, Nick Benoit & More...
Tuesday, February 26
The Spontaneous Show
Tuesday, February 26. Bar Redux. 9PM-11PM. FREE.
Sign up 8:00 pm/8:30 pm show. We are Young Funny is a #NOLA based comedy troupe, founded by the late Jon Reaux. The cast includes Kyle Smith, Geneva Joy, Byron Broussard, Kamari Stevens, DC PauL, Laycee-Joyce Taylor, Parker Barnes, Johnnie Lipscomb, Paul Joseph, B Dub Get Paid, and Billy Healy.
Zack Villere
Tuesday, February 26. Gasa Gasa. 8PM. $10 advance / $12 door.
Kristin Diable
Tuesday, February 26. One Eyed Jack's. 8PM.
Rick Trolsen, Tarrah Reynolds & Matt Booth
Tuesday, February 26. SideBarNOLA. 9PM.
Wednesday, February 27
Helen Gillet & Friends
Wednesday, February 27. SideBarNOLA. 9PM.
Thursday, February 28
Thursday, February 28. The Country Club. 7PM. FREE.
Come experience local breweries & neighborhood personalities at the Country Club. This event features live music by Daniella.
Friday, March 1
Where Yacht
Friday, March 1. One Eyed Jack's. 10PM.
Aurora Nealand & James Singleton
Friday, March 1. SideBarNOLA. 9PM.
Saturday, March 2
Big Freedia | Pell
Saturday, March 2. One Eyed Jack's. 10PM.
Freedia Gras.
Sunday, March 3
Big Freedia | Sweet Crude
Sunday, March 3. One Eyed Jack's. 10PM.
Freedia Gras.
Monday, March 4
Monday, March 4. One Eyed Jack's. 10PM.
Instant Opus
Monday, March 4. SideBarNOLA. 9:30PM.
Instant Opus presents Brian Haas, Mike Sopko, Dan Oestreicher & Ryan-Scott Long
Tuesday, March 5
The Spontaneous Show
Tuesday, March 5. Bar Redux. 8PM-11PM. FREE.
Sign up 8:00 pm/8:30 pm show. We are Young Funny is a #NOLA based comedy troupe, founded by the late Jon Reaux. The cast includes Kyle Smith, Geneva Joy, Byron Broussard, Kamari Stevens, DC PauL, Laycee-Joyce Taylor, Parker Barnes, Johnnie Lipscomb, Paul Joseph, B Dub Get Paid, and Billy Healy.
Wednesday, March 6
Mahmpoud Chouki & Friends
Wednesday, March 6. SideBarNOLA. 7PM.
this is gonna be a mihty-fine going-away party for a bunch of Mahmoud's pals from North Afrrica who were visiting over Carnival season... join us for this Ash Wednesday early Evening international sound adventure...
Mike Dillon, Brian Haas & Alex Massa
Wednesday, March 6. SideBarNOLA. 9PM.
no rest for the weary! get your Ash Wednesday Groove on with Mike D and co. !!!
Thursday, March 7
Odd Job Ensemble
Thursday, March 7. Bar Redux. FREE.
Probably starts at 9. Watch the Cantina Band scene from Star Wars and imagine it being set in a divey NOLA lounge.
John Maestas
Thursday, March 7. The Country Club. 7PM. FREE.
Come experience local breweries & neighborhood personalities at the Country Club. This event features free live music by John Maestas.
Friday, March 8
Tattered Rabbit | Timothy Eerie | Epic Reflexes
Friday, March 8. Gasa Gasa. 9PM. $10. Melt House Productions
All People | Brinda | Light Beams | Colorblock
Friday, March 8. Hey Cafe. 7:30PM. $5-$10. Community Records
BRNDA and LIGHT BEAMS are on tour from Washington D.C. Light Beams has a record out on Don Giovanni Records. Dancy Fun Punk. All People + Colorblock are locals https://brendadc.bandcamp.com https://lightbeams.bandcamp.com
Morgan James
Friday, March 8. One Eyed Jack's. 9PM.
Saturday, March 9
Gristnam | A Hanging | Eat The Witch | Crossed
Saturday, March 9. Twist of Lime. 9PM. $7.
SHOW WILL START AT 9 PM SHARP! An evening of grind, thrash, doom and hardcore in METRY!
Sunday, March 10
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets | Numb.er | J Sweatt
Sunday, March 10. Gasa Gasa. 9PM. $12 / $15. Melt House Productions
Marina Orchestra
Sunday, March 10. One Eyed Jack's. 9PM.
Murdertits Marge | Hexgirlfriends | Albert Bagman
Sunday, March 10. Sidney's Saloon. 8PM. $5.
'Murdertits Marge' https://soundcloud.com/gardenella | 'Hexgirlfriends' (MD) https://soundcloud.com/hexgirlfriends | 'Albert Bagman' (MD) https://albertbagman.bandcamp.com/
Monday, March 11
Big Bliss | Parrot Dream
Monday, March 11. The Circle Bar. 10PM. $5. Clickem Youth
Nova One | New Air | Amelia Neville | Kittypool
Monday, March 11. Hey Cafe. 7:30PM. $5-$10. Community Records
Dream pop show. NOVA ONE is on tour from Providence, RI and has a record out on Community Records. Other 3 are locals. Kittypool will be playing their first show. https://novaonenovaone.bandcamp.com/releases
Tuesday, March 12
Forest Ray | Jurassic Shark | Pucusana
Tuesday, March 12. The Circle Bar. 10PM. $5. Clickem Youth
Wednesday, March 13
Heaven Honey | Balms | Winded | Jamie Joyce | Sweeter
Wednesday, March 13. Banks Street Bar. 7:30PM. FREE. Community Records
Early show at Banks Street Bar. 3 of these bands are on tour. HEAVEN HONEY (Bloomington, Indiana), BALMS (SF Bay), WINDED (NYC) Winded has an album out on Community Records. Jamie Joyce and Sweeter are locals https://winded.bandcamp.com https://heavenhoney.bandcamp.com/releases
Carina | Sun Parade | Cicada | Ben & DC
Wednesday, March 13. Gasa Gasa. 9PM. $10. Melt House Productions
Tickets - https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1816031
Monday, March 18
Mom & The Mailman
Monday, March 18. The Circle Bar. 10PM. $5. Clickem Youth
The KVB | Numb.er | J Sweatt
Monday, March 18. Gasa Gasa. 9PM. $10 / $12. Melt House Productions
Tuesday, March 19
Speaking Suns
Tuesday, March 19. The Circle Bar. 10PM. $5. Clickem Youth
Novo Amore
Tuesday, March 19. One Eyed Jack's. 9PM.
Saturday, March 23
Mipso & River Whyless
Saturday, March 23. One Eyed Jack's. 10PM.
Friday, March 29
Soulful Takeover
Friday, March 29. One Eyed Jack's. 10PM.
DJ Soul Sister presents.
Saturday, March 30
Fleur De Tease Burlesque
Saturday, March 30. One Eyed Jack's. 8PM & 10:30PM.
Sunday, March 31
Fleur De Tease Burlesque
Sunday, March 31. One Eyed Jack's. 6PM & 8:30PM.
Wednesday, April 3
Sales | Varsity
Wednesday, April 3. One Eyed Jack's. 9PM.
Saturday, April 6
Rubblebucket | Mikaela Davis
Saturday, April 6. One Eyed Jack's. 10PM.
Thursday, April 11
Yob | Voivod | Amenra
Thursday, April 11. One Eyed Jack's. 8PM.
Friday, April 19
Soulful Takeover
Friday, April 19. One Eyed Jack's. 10PM.
DJ Soul Sister presents.