02.11.07 update

Please email me to find out what we have in stock.  If we're out of something, we can usually re-order it within a week or so. 

WE ARE NOT DOING MAILORDER ON THESE RECORDS.  If you do not live in or have access to New Orleans, try distros like Ebullition or No Idea for mailorder.

If you live in New Orleans, all of these records are available at the Iron Rail Collective (open seven days a week, 1pm - 7pm).

If you have any suggestions for records we should carry or want to trade for One Eye releases, get in touch.

108 Creation discography CD x 2 12
7000 Dying Rats Forced Boat 7" 3
Abaddon The Final Fucking Straw 7" 3
Abe Froman S/T LP 7
Abe Froman / SNS split LP 7
Absence I'll Cast the First Stone CD 7
Acme To Reduce the Choir to One Soloist LP 8
Admiral Revolving and Loading 7" 3
Against Me Crime as Forgiven by CD 6
Agathocles / SMG split 7" 3
Alarme Walk Together Thrash Together 7" 3
Amateur Party Sounds and Halls CD 7
Amber Inn Serenity in Hand 7" 3
Amber Inn All Roads Lead Home LP 8
Ambition Mission Discography CD 5
Amebix Arise Plus Two LP 9
American Cheeseburger S/T 7" 3
Ampere All Our Tomorrows End Today 10" 8
Ampere / Sinaloa split LP 8
Amps for Christ Thorny Path LP 6
Amps for Christ Circuits CD 7
Annalise / Gunmoll split 7" 3
Anodyne Salo 10" 6
ANS The Process of Stoking Out LP 8
Antelope Reflector LP 8
Anthem 88 Define a Lifetime CD 5
Anthem 88 Define a Lifetime LP 5
Antioch Arrow The Lady is a Cat LP 8
Antioch Arrow In Love with Jetts LP 9
Antithesis / Khere split 7" 3
Anton Bordman S/T 7" 3
Antsy Pants S/T CD 6
Apeshit / Tigershark split LP 8
Armageddon / Forca Macabra split LP 8
Army of Flying Robots Life is Cheap LP 9
Arrivals Marvels of Industry LP 8
Artimus Pyle Fucked From Birth LP 8
Artimus Pyle Civil Dead LP 8
As Friends Rust Fist of Time LP 7
Assailant S/T CD 5
Assembly of God Submission 7" 3
Assfactor 4 S/T LP 6
Asshole Parade Embers LP 8
Asshole Parade / Palatka Network of Friends split 7" 9
Asunder / Like Flies on Flesh split LP 8
At War With Shadows The Truckstop Tapes CD 6
At War With Shadows Healing is Not… 7" 3
Athrendy Crazed Development CD 8
Atlas Shrugged The Last Season LP 7
Aus Rotten Fuck Nazi Sympathy 7" 3
Aussitot Mort S/T LP 8
Automaton S/T 7" 3
Avail Satiate LP 7
Avail One Wrench LP 8
Avail Live at the King's Head Inn 10" 5
Avail Front Porch Stories LP 8
Avenging Disco Godfathers of Soul This… LP 6
Avulsion / Laceration split 7" 3
Awakening / Virginia Black Lung split 7" 3
Back When Swords of the Father 7" 3
Ballad of Earl K. Long Governor of Louisiana CD 5
Bambi Second 7" 3
Bambi First 7" 3
Bananas The First Ten Years CD 6
Bananas Nautical Rock and Roll CD 6
Bananas Forbidden Fruit LP 8
Bananas A Slippery Subject CD 6
Bananas A Slippery Subject LP 8
Barbatos Victory! Blazing War 5" 8
Baroness Second LP 8
Baroness First LP 8
Bastardass / All Gone Dead split 7" 3
Behind Enemy Lines Know Your Enemy LP 8
Bestial Raids Order of Doom 7" 3
Big Baby demo CD 3
Big Blue Marble Scuba School CD 5
Bitchin' S/T 7" 3
Black Goat Black Goat LP 10
Black Witchery Upheaval of Satanic Might LP 10
Blacken the Skies S/T CD 8 Ex-members of Catharsis and Driven doing epic d-beat crust.
Blackout S/T LP 8
Blackout Terror S/T 7" 3
Blair Pluto CD 5
Blame Game / Zann split LP 5 Blame Game from Atlanta plays 90s sounding emo screamo.  Zann from Germany sounds like Deadguy and Kiss It Goodbye.
Blank Fight House Band Feud CD 6
Blatz / Filth The Shit Split CD x 2 10
Bleed True Colors Running 7" 3
Bloodlet Eclectic LP 8
Bloodpact Bastardization CD 8
Bloody Phoenix War, Hate, Misery LP 8
Bobbykork S/T CD 3 Old Philadelphia punk.
Bone Awl Meaningless Leaning Mess LP 10
Book of Dead Names The Story Unfolds LP 8
Books Lie / Living Under Lies split 7" 3
Born & Razed Holy Wars LP 7
Born Against Nine Patriotic Battle Hymns LP 8
Born Against Battle Hymns of the Race War LP 8
Born Against Battle Hymns of the Race War LP 8
Born Against / Universal Order of Armageddon split 7" 4
Born Dead Icons Work LP 8
Born Dead Icons Salvation on the Knees LP 8
Born/Dead Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us LP 8
Bouncing Souls The Argyle EP 7" 3
Bouncing Souls Neurotic 7" 3
Bouncing Souls Manical Laughter LP 9
Bouncing Souls Good, the Bad, and the Arglye LP 9
Braid Lucky to Be Alive LP x 2 11
Brainworms Which is Worse LP 7
Brasilia S/T LP 7
Bratmoble Ladies, Women, and Girls LP 9
Bratmoble Girls Get Busy LP 9
Bread & Circuits S/T LP 8
Bread & Circuits S/T CD 6
Broadways Broken Star LP 8 East Bay style pop punk with ex-Slapstick.
Brother Inferior Anthems for Greater… LP 8
Brother Inferior / NOTA split 7" 3
Bucket Full of Teeth IV LP 8
Bumbklaat Ciegos 10" 7
Buoyant Sea Microscene CD 10
Burial Year S/T CD 5
Burial Year Pestilence LP 8
Burn It Down Eat Sleep Mate 10" 9
Burned Up Bled Dry Cloned Slaves 7" 3
C.R. Forty Six Song CD CD 8
Callers S/T CD 5
Calvary The Will of the Way 7" 3
Carlisle Functions on Several Variables 7" 3
Carlisle Discography CD 7
Carrie Nations Be Still CD 6
Casket Lottery Possibilities & Maybes LP x 2 10
Casket Lottery Lost at Sea 7" 3
Cassette S/T? LP? 8 Samantha from Bitchin's solo folk stuff.
Catharsis Passion CD 8
Cease Upon the Capital Untitled EP CD 7
Chain of Strength What Still Holds True LP 8
Charles Bronson Discocrappy CD x 2 12
Chokehold Instilled 7" 3
Chris & Stephanie Predicted the Civil War CD 6 Haunting, acoustic folk music with guitar and violin.  With an amazing cover of Born Against's "My Favorite Housing Project."
Christ on Parade Sounds of Nature LP 8
Chronicity S/T 7" 3
Circle Takes the Square As the Roots Undo CD 8
City of Caterpillar demo CD 7
Civic Minded Five E=cm5 LP 8
Clikatat Ikatowi River of Souls LP 9
Coliseum S/T LP 8
Comadre The Youth LP 8 Self-released first record from DIY Moon Bay screamo dudes.
Comadre Burn Your Bones LP 9 Loud, chant-filled, heart-felt, and punk as fuck Bay Area screamo.
Combatwoundedveteran Duck Down the Torse 10" 8
Conga Fury Dear Friends LP 8
Contempt One Justice CD 9
Cop on Fire / Visions of War split LP 8
Crass Christ the Bootleg CD 6
Creation is Crucifixion Dethrone 7" 3
Crimpshrine The Sound of a New World Being Born LP 9
Crimson Curse Blood Thirst Lust CD 8
Crispus Attuck Destroy the Teacher LP 8
Crispus Attucks Yo Peho 7" 3
Crooks & Nannies / Dead Elephant Bicycle split 7" 3
Crucible My Heart is a Merciless Piece of Metal and Fire LP 5
Crucible / Dragbody split LP 5
Cryptic Once Holy Realm CD 8
Curl Up & Die Unfortunately We're Not Robots LP 8
Cursed One LP 12
Cursed Hell Comes Home 7" 3
Cursive Art is Hard / The Recluse 10" 8
Damad Rise and Fall LP 8
Dan Padilla S/T CD 8
Dangers Anger LP 8
Danse Macabre / Am I Dead Yet split 7" 3
Dauntless Elite Security CD 6
Dead Friends S/T 7" 3
Dead Raven Choir Selenoclast Wolves CD 8
Dear Diary I Seem to Be Dead S/T CD 5
Death from Above 1979 Romantic Rights LP 8
Death to Tyrants Experience Will Be… LP 8
Deathchurch Unsilent Hate Anthem 7" 3
Defiance Ohio Share What Ya Got LP 8
Defiance Ohio / Environmental Youth Crutch split 7" 3
Del Cielo Wish and Wait LP 8
Delay Don't Laugh CD 4
Des Ark Loose Lips Sink Ships LP 8 "Holy shit! This is crushingly sexy, intense, and intelligent!"  Female vocals and guitar, male drums.
Devil is Electric I've Never Trusted a Revolution LP 8
Devil is Electric I've Never Trusted a Revolution CD 6
Devoid of Faith S/T LP 8
Devoid of Faith Purpose Lost 10" 8
Devoid of Faith Denial by Machinery 7" 3
Die Young Graven Images LP 8
Digger / Fairlanes split 7" 3
Dillinger Four Versus God LP 8
Dillinger Four This Shit is Genius LP 8
Dillinger Four Situationist Comedy LP 8
Dillinger Four Midwestern Songs of the Americas LP 8
Dip Leg The Sympathy Without Love CD 8
Discount / Cigaretteman split 7" 3
Disembodied Heretic LP 8
Disembodied Heretic LP 7
Divisions Ruin S/T 7" 3
Divorce S/T 7" 3
Dogs of Ire / Rogue State split LP 6
Door-Keys Holy Shit, It's the CD 6
Door-Keys Greenwood Park Mall CD 6
Dormant Beneath the Mighty Oak CD 8
Downcast S/T 7" 3
Downcast S/T LP 7
Draft In a Million Pieces LP 8
Drag the River Gabba Gabba LP 8
Dragbody Transgress / Nullify 7" 3
Dragbody Swallowing Razors 7" 3
Drunken Boat S/T LP 8
Drunken Boat S/T CD 7
Drunken Boat / Bent Outta Shape split 7" 3
Drunken Boat / Blotto split 7" 3
DS-13 Aborted Teen Generation 7" 3
Dystopia The Aftermath CD 8
Dystopia Human=Garbage LP 8
Earth Crisis Firestorm / All Out War LP 10
Econochrist Skewed 7" 3
Econochrist Discography CD x 2 9
Econochrist Another Victim 7" 3
Ed Gein Judas Oats LP 8
Ed Gein It's a Shame CD 8
Embrace S/T LP 9
Endless Blockade / Hatred Surge split LP 9
Endpoint If the Spirits LP 9
Endzweck S/T? CD 7 Japan's hardest working underground hardcore band, an intense mix of screamo and hardcore--not unlike Shai Hulud.
Enemy Soil The Ruins of Eden CD 8
Ensepulchered The Night Our Rituals Blackened the Stars CD 8
Ensepulchered Suicide in Winter's Moonlight CD 8
Ensign Cast the First Stone LP 6
Environmental Youth Crutch Wet Stuff Dries CD 5
Erin Tobey S/T CD 6
Ettil Vrye S/T 7" 3
Ettil Vrye / Tipping Canoe split LP 8
Evens S/T LP 9
Evens Get Evens LP 9
Everready Reinheitsgebot CD 4 If Screeching Weasel was from Florida.  Obscure pop punk.
Everready Fairplay CD 4 Awesome pop punk from the 90s.
Ex-Ignota Lazarus is Back 7" 3
Faith / Void split LP 9
Fake Problems How Far Our Bodies Go LP 8
Fall of Efrafa Owsla CD 8
Fall of Efrafa Elil CD 8
Fanaticos Bastardos Besa la Mano de Tu Verdugo CD 8
Fatter Than Albert Erin's Runaway Imagination CD 5
Fiya Second 7" 3
Fiya Make Joy, Make Strength CD 8
Fiya First 7" 3
Fiya Better Days LP 7
Flak Mask S/T 7" 3
Flatlands / Sunshine Republic split LP 8
Floodgate Troubles A' Brewin LP 7
Flying Luttenbachers Retrospektiv IV CD 8 A pile of twisted squonk thrash tunes for fans of Lightning Bolt, USA is a Monster, etc.
Former Members of Alfonsin / Project Hate split LP 8
Four Eyes Sweet Sounds CD 6
Fourth Rotor Seize LP 6
Fourth Rotor IV LP 6
Frankie Hill Seven Ply Discography CD 6
Franklin Building on A and E LP 8
From Ashes Rise S/T LP 9
Froseph Deep Breath CD 5
Fugazi The Argument LP 9
Fugazi Steady Diet of Nothing LP 9
Fugazi Seven Songs LP 9
Fugazi Repeater LP 9
Fugazi Red Medicine LP 9
Fugazi Margin Walker LP 9
Fugazi Instrument LP 9
Fugazi In on the Killtaker LP 9
Fugazi Furniture 7" 4
Fugazi End Hits LP 9
Fugazi 7 Songs LP 8
Fugazi 3 Songs 7" 4
Funeral Diner The Underdark LP 8
Funeral Diner / Dead City split LP 8
Funeral Diner / Welcome the Plague Year split 7" 3
Funeral Diner / Nexus 6 split LP 8
Gather Total Liberation CD 6
Gather Total Liberation 7" 3
Gather Beyond the Ruins CD 9
Gather / Seven Generations split 7" 3
Gauge Means Nothing The Absent Fall CD 6
Gauge Means Nothing / My Precious split CD 8
Gehenna Upon the Gravehill LP 8
Ghastly City Sleep S/T LP 8
Ghastly Grimey Orchestra S/T CD 14
Ghost Mice The Debt of the Dead CD 6
Ghost Mice Live at the Nest CD 6
Ghost Mice Europe LP 8
Ghost Mice Europe CD 6
Ghost Mice Collection One: Fairy Battle LP 8
Ghost Mice / Defiance Ohio split CD 6
Ghost Mice / Saw Wheel split CD 6
Ghostwood Development CD 5
Gibbons Hope, Inc. CD 6
Go! What We Build Together 7" 3
Go! Reactive 7" 3
Go! Reactive CD 8
Goat Shanty Encroachment CD 5
Good Good A Fem Era LP 8
Good Good / Api Uiz split LP 8
Good Good / Querent split 7" 3
Gorilla Biscuits Start Today LP 8
Groundwork Living in Fear 7" 3
Groundwork / Unbroken split 7" 3
Group B Live at Vic's 7" 3
Hail Mary All Aboard the Sinking Ship LP 6
Half Gorilla Graceless Beasts 7" 3
Halo Perfecto Hospitals in Other Countries LP 8 Ex-members of Palatka and Anton Bordman doing the 90s emo screamo, Ebullition style deal.
Haram S/T LP 8
Hatred Surge / Insect Warfare split 7" 4
Held Hostage / Get It Today split 7" 3
Hellchild / Word Salad split 10" 6
Hellkontroll Soul Robbers and Nightmare Fuckers 7" 5
Hellshild / Kilara split 10" 7
Helm S/T 7" 3
Heroin Heroin LP 9
High on Crime Pour Some Sewage on Me 7" 3
His Hero is Gone The Plot Sickens LP 9
His Hero is Gone Monuments to Thieves LP 8
His Hero is Gone Fifteen Counts of Arson LP 8
Hit Me Back Life's Gonna Eat Us LP 8
Holokaust Into the Abyss of Oblivion LP 8
Holy Mountain Entrails LP 8
Homage to Catalonia / Andrea Lisi split 7" 3
Homage to Catalonia / Andrea Lisi split 7" 3
Hombinous Dudes / Loaded for Bear split 7" 3
Hose Got Cable Majesty LP 5
Hot New Mexicans Wah 7" 3 Three new-ish songs and one old-ish song, now with ex-members of the Carrie Nations.
Hot New Mexicans It's Called Leaning Back CD 8 One may get the idea that this is a country band, but in this man's opinion, it's rock 'n roll with some alt country seeping in around the edges.
Hot Water Music Fuel for the Hate Game LP 8
Hot Water Music / Csaket Lottery Colors, Words 7" 3
Hunter Gatherer Low Stand CD 3
I Hate Myself Two Songs 7" 3
I Hate Myself Ten Songs CD 9
I Hate Myself Ten Songs LP 8
I Hate Myself / Twelve Hour Turn split LP 8
I Object / FxPxOx split 7" 3
Iconoclast The First 7" 3
Iconoclast Groundless of Belief 7" 3
Iconoclast Discography CD 7
Illusion Fields CD 9
Impractical Cockpit To Be Treated CD 8
Impractical Cockpit Selections from Get Obvious LP 7
Impractical Cockpit / Nuclear Family split LP
In Tomorrow's Shadow Displayig the Elegy CD 5
In Tomorrow's Shadow Disillusioned CD 6
In/Humanity Violent Resignation CD 9
Incurable Complaint Blue Horses 7" 3
Indecision / Shai Hulud split 10" 8
Index for a Potential Suicide The Newest Youth Rebellion LP 6
Indian Summer Hidden Arithmetic LP 13
Infection Code Intimacy LP 8
Inhumane Nature Demonstration 7" 3
Inside Out S/T CD 8
Ire What Seed, What Root? CD 8
Ire I Discern an Overtone of Tragedy LP 8 Monstrous, desolate slow motion nightmares out of drastically down-tuned guitars, roaring vocals, and painfully dragged tempos.
Ire I Discern an Overtone of Tragedy CD 8 Monstrous, desolate slow motion nightmares out of drastically down-tuned guitars, roaring vocals, and painfully dragged tempos.
Iron Lung / Agents of Abhorrence Silent Decay 7" 4
Irony of Lightfoot S/T 7" 3
Ivich La Vie Devant Soi 10" 7
J Church / Plungers split 7" 3
Japanther Wolfenswan CD 6
Japanther / The Sneeze split 7" 3
Jara Three Song 7" 3
Jiyuna The Devil is in the Palace CD 5
Jiyuna The Devil is in the Palace LP 8
Jiyuna The Devil is in the Palace tape 6
John Sparrown / Crushstory split 7" 3
Judge S/T LP x 2 11
Justice League Discography CD 9
KAT 666 LP 10
Kilara The Funeral Fix LP 8
Kill the Man Who Questions Sugar Industry LP 8
Kill the Man Who Questions / Del Cielo split 7" 3
Kill the Slavemaster S/T CD 6
Kind of Like Spitting In the Red LP
Kisses & Hugs Postive Youth 1994 LP 7.5
Knives / Villabrut split 7" 3
Kolya S/T 7" 3
Kontraattaque Luchas, Tragedias 7" 3
Kyle Bravo Confusion of a Pop Star CD 1
La Mantra de Fhiqria / Seyarse split LP 7
Last Forty Seconds S/T LP 8
Latterman We are Still Alive LP 8
Lawrence Arms The Greatest Story Ever Told LP 8
Lawrence Arms Oh!  Calcutta! LP 8
Lawrence Arms Ghost Stories LP 8 East Bay / Chicago style pop punk with the remnants of The Broadways.
Lawrence Arms Apathy and Exhaustion LP 8
Left for Dead Splitting Heads CD 8
Leftout 25 Cent Serenade CD 6
Lemuria S/T CD 5
Les Turdz Beer is My Co-Pilot 7" 3
Liberty Leg S/T 7" 3
Liberty Leg S/T CD 4
Life at These Speeds / Science of Yabra split LP 8 Epic screamo and heavy, discordant rock.
Limpwrist Thee Official Discography CD 9
Living Sacrifice The Hammering Process LP 5
Living Soundtrack S/T CD 5
Living Under Lies S/T LP 8
Look Back and Laugh By the Pound CD 8
Look Back and Laugh 1st CD CD 8
Los Crudos / Spitboy split LP 8
Lovesick Discography CD 6
Lucero Nobody's Darlings LP 8
Ludicra S/T LP 8
Ludicra Hollow Psalms LP??? 8
Ludicra Fex Urbis Lex Orbis LP 9
Ludicra Another Great Love Song LP 9
Madeline The Slow Bang LP
Madeline Kissing and Dancing CD 6
Madeline / Deadbird split CD 6
Magrudergrind / Shitstorm split LP 8
Malady S/T CD 6
Manrae Pacata Hibernia 7" 3
Manumission Live at KXLU 7" 3
Manumission Diego Rivera 7" 3
Manumission Binary Lung 7" 3
Marblebog Foresthreat LP 8
Martire Martire LP 10
Matty Pop Chart Good Ole Water CD 6
Matty Pop Chart Everyone Does Everything LP 8 The second full length by ex-Abe Froman drummer turned singer/songster, Matt Tobey. This time Matty gives us a little more of himself with the usual tools: classical guitar, piano, squeeze box, ukulele, etc.
Max Levine Ensemble How to Build… CD 6
Max Levine Ensemble Chach, Cops, and Donuts CD 6
Maxmillian Colby Discography CD 10
Memento Mori Discography CD 9
Memory as Perfection / Scent of Human History split LP 7
Merkit / Demian split 7" 3
Merkit / Roboteer split 7" 3
MIA Lost Boys LP 11
Michael Jordan's Touchdown Pass Cash, Money, etc. CD 6
Minor Threat Out of Step LP 8
Minor Threat First Two 7"s LP 8
Minus Tide / Turn Around Norman split LP 8 Female-fronted screamo.
Misery Index / Structure of Lies split LP 8
Misery Index / Structure of Lies split CD 6
Modern Machines Take It, Somebody LP 8
Modern Machines / The Measure split 7" 3
Morning Again As Tradition Dies LP 8
Mt. Gigantic Gleanings LP 7
Mukilteo Faeries Closet Check 7" 3
Murder Disco Experience Ground Zero Struttgart LP 8
Murdock / Sutek Conspiracy split 7" 3
Mutation Void of Disharmony 7" 3
Natassievila Iter Lethalis CD 8
National Acrobat S/T 7" 3
Nervous Breakdown Join the Army 7" 3
Neutral Milk Hotel Everything Is CD 8
No! S/T LP 7
Nocturnal Graves Satan's Cross LP 10
Nocturne for a Dying Planet S/T 7" 3
NOFX I Heard They Suck Live LP 8
North Lincoln S/T CD 5
Oath Transatlantic Thrash Terror LP 8
Olde Ghost S/T 7" 3 Ex-members of Books Lie, The Fiction, Your Adversary, Yum Yum Tree doing 90s emo heavy rock.
One AM Radio A Name Writ in Water LP 8
One Reason Mountains 7" 3
One Reason / The Because split 7" 3
Operation Cliff Clavin Who Needs Electricity CD 5
Operation Cliff Clavin Out of Control CD x 2
Operation Latte Thunder / Are You Fucking Serious split 7" 3
Orchid Gatefold LP 8
Orchid Dance Tonight!  Revolution Tomorrow! LP 8
Orchid Chaos is Me LP 8
Overcast Fight Ambition to Kill LP 8
Page Ninety Nine Document #8 CD 8
Panthro UK United 13 Sound of a Gun LP 6
Parasitic Infected Within / Wasting Disease 7" 3
Paul Baribeau S/T CD 6
Perth Express discography CD 8
Pest Pest LP 10
Phobia Get Up and Kill LP 8
Phobia Cruel LP 8
Phobia / Resist & Exist split LP 8
Piggy Love Letter to Halifax CD 5
Piggy Don't Stop the Calypso CD 5
Pine Hill Haints God, the Devil LP 7
Pinhead Circus / Nobodys split 7" 3
Pink Razors / Environmental Youth Crutch split 10" 8
Point of No Return Sparks CD 9
Policy of 3 Discography CD x 2 9
Portraits of Past 1010101 LP 8
Postal Service We Will LP 7
Pray for Death All Our Heroes Have Been Killed By White Men CD 5
Pray for Death Aug-05 CD 5
Prevail Curtain Call CD 8
Procer Veneficus Ghost Voices CD 8
Proclamation Advent of the Black Omen LP 10
Propaghandi How to Clean Everything LP 8
Protestant S/T 2007 7" 3
Pygmy Lush Bitter River LP 8
Q and Not U Power LP 9
Q and Not U No Kill No Beep Beep LP 9
Q and Not U Different Damage LP 9
Queers Munki Brain LP 8
Rachel Jacobs / Liza Kate split 7" 3
Railsplitter 860 Some Odd Lbs. LP 8
Rainy Day Regatta S/T CD 6
Rats into Robots / Textbook Traitors split 7" 3
Raw Power Still Screaming (After 20 Years) LP 8
Reactionary 3 European Tour CD 5
Reactionary 3 / True North split LP 7
Rebirth Brass Band Rebirth for Life CD 5
Recovery Period Conviction to Resistance CD 2
Red Forty Discography CD 7
Red Sparrows / Gregor Samsa split CD 7
Render Useless Rhythm Beat 7" 3 Canadian hardcore/emo from the mid-90's, sharing much with the Republic of Freedom Fighters.
Requiem Storm Heaven CD 8
Requiem Storm Heaven LP 8
Resucitator Iniciation LP 10
Reveal Dissection of Thought CD 8
Revenge Attack.Blood.Revenge CD 8
Reversal of Man This is Medicine CD 8
Reversal of Man This is Medicine LP 8
Ricky Fitts Wizard Lisp LP 8
Rites of Spring S/T LP 9
Rites of Thy Degringolade An Ode to Sin LP 10
Rivethead The Cheap Wine of Youth LP 8
Robinsons Party! CD 2
Rosa I Mississippi You CD 6
Rosvett 1984 - 1987 LP 8
Rudiments Circle the Empire CD 8 Amazing ska punk from the 90s.
Ruination Dead Horse 7" 3
Rune Call of Hearts 7" 3
Sailor Winters Monolith 7" 3
Sainte Catherines / Whiskey Sunday split 7" 3
Sarcasm Crematory LP 10
Saviours Warship CD 5
Saviours Crucible CD 8
Sawhorse S/T 7" 3
Sawpit S/T 7" 3
Science of Yabra / Old Growth split 7" 3
Scrotum Grinder The Greatest Sonic Abomination Ever LP 8
Searching for Chin / The Wake split CD 5
Second Hand Puke and Fall Over 7" 5
Seein' Red / Judas Iscariot split LP 8 Fast, political hardcore from the Netherlands and the US.
Seein Red / MK Ultra Network of Friends split LP 9
Sermon Traitor 7" 3
Set Apart / Chalice split CD 5
Seven Generations Slave Trade CD 6
Severed Head of State No Love Lost CD 5
Sexy Por Vida CD 6
Shahrazad S/T 7" 3
Shahrazad S/T 7" 3
Shark Pants Porno Snakehead LP 8
Shogun What Sin Has Twisted CD 8
Shogun Enter the Equation 7" 3
Shorebreak Path of Survival LP
Shotwell The Devil Has Its Day CD 6
Sissies Everything in the World CD 6
Skate Korpse Discography LP 8
Slang S/T LP 7
Slapstick S/T LP? 8 Fast punky ska from Chicago.  Classic.
Snapcase Steps CD 6
Snowblood Being and Becoming LP x 2 12
Snuggle / Whiskey Sunday split 7" 3
Social Infestation Redemption is Only Skin Deep CD 8
Socialized Crucifixion More Than a Glance 7" 3
Softy Major / Her Breath on Glass 7" 3
Softy Major / One Second Riot 10" 8
Solid Pony Life's Gonna Eat Us LP 8 Members of Twelve Hour Turn and The South create jangly, "organic" rock reminiscent of early Built to Spill, Weakerthans, and Lemonheads.
Song of Kerman The Unamerican Sounds of LP 7
Song of Kerman / Handful of Dust split 7" 3
Song of Zarathustra Two Song EP 7" 3
Song of Zarathustra / Racebannon split LP 8
Soophie Nun Squad The Devil, the Metal… CD 6
Soophie Nun Squad Passion Slays the Dragon LP 8
Soophie Nun Squad Passion Slays the Dragon CD 6
South S/T 7" 3
South / Hypatia split LP 8
Spectacle Rope of Guillotine CD 8
Spectacle I, Fail CD 8
Spitboy Rasana 7" 3
Spoonboy I Love You This is Robery CD 6
Stack S/T LP 8
Stakeout / Burnpile split LP 8
Stalaggh Projekt Misanthropia CD 8
Starkweather Into the Wire LP 7
Still Life From Angry Heads LP x 2 8
Stillwell My Eyes are Blue Again 7" 3
Stillwell / No Reply split 7" 3
Stillwell / Only Airplanes Count split 7" 3
Stop It!! S/T CD 8
Strike Anywhere To Live in Discontent LP 9
Structure of Lies EP CD 6
Structure of Lies / Iranach split CD 6
Struggle S/T LP 8
Struggle S/T 7" 3
Struggle discography CD 8
Struggle / Undertow split 7" 3
Submission Hold Waiting for Another Monkey LP 8
Submission Hold Sackcloth and Ashes LP 8
Swallowing Shit Anthology CD 8
Swarrrm / Dimlaia split 10" 8
Systral Black Smoker LP 8
Tear It Up S/T 7" 3
Tears of Gaia Burial 7"
Ted Leo Shake the Sheets LP 9
Ted Leo Hearts of Oak LP 9
Teen Cthulhu Ride the Blade LP 8
Teen Cthulhu / Cream Abdul Babar split CD 6
Tem Eyos Ki S/T 7" 3
Terror Level Red No Man's Land LP 8
Thank God / Tigershark split 10" 8
Thieves S/T LP 5 Dirty art-punk metal from Minneapolis.  You know what I mean.
Third Memory Et de Cela ne Ressort LP 8
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb Three Way Tie for Fifth LP 8
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb Three Way Tie for Fifth CD 6
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb Front Seat Solidarity LP 8
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb Front Seat Solidarity CD 6
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb Dance Party With 10" 8
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb Dance Party With CD 6
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb Dance Party With 10" 8
This is My Fist A History of Rats LP 8
This Machine Kills Death in the… LP 8
This Scares Me S/T 7" 3
This Time Tomorrow The Learning 7" 3
Thou Tyrant LP 8
Thought Crime It's All in Your Head LP 8
Through the Mist of Tears Seal the Lips and the Hands CD 5
Through the Mist of Tears S/T CD 5
Tidal Moment LP 8
Tim Barry Rivanna Junction LP 10
Tim Barry Laurel St. Demos LP 11
Tiny Hawks S/T LP 8
Torch of War The Principle of Cosmic Instability CD 8
Torche S/T Remixed & Re-issued LP 8
Torches to Rome S/T LP 8
Totalitar Sin Egen Motstandare LP 8
Totalitar Ni Maste Bort! LP 8
Toxic Holocaust Evil Never Dies LP 10
Tragedy Vengeance LP 9
Tragedy S/T LP 8
Tragedy S/T LP 9
Tragedy Nerve Damage LP x 2 9
Trash Trash Trash demo CD 2
Tristate Killing Spree Some Words on the Subject of Being Alive LP 8
Troublemakers Here Comes the CD 5
Tubers S/T LP 8 Members of Twelve Hour Turn and The South, they play punk rock that is immediate, thoughtful and affecting, which will be appreciated by those who enjoy early DC hardcore, and bands like the Wipers.
Tuesday Freewheelin LP 8 Classic 90s emo pop.  Ex-Slapstick.
Tunguska / De Novissimis split 7" 3
Tunguska / Denov split 7" 3
Turambar S/T 10" 8 Stoner-biker metal.  Heavy.
Tyranny of Shaw / Phoenix Bodies split 7" 3
Uke of Spaces Corners County CD 8
Umlaut Total Disfuckingcography CD 8
Umlaut Havoc Wreakers LP 8
Underground Railroad to Candyland Bird Roughs LP 8
Unholy Grave / Archagathus split 7" 3
Unison The Sum 10" 8
Unitas Porch Life CD 5
Unitas Porch Life LP 6
United Super Villains Escapist 7" 3
Uvall October Turns… Ruined CD 8
V/A XXX - Some Ideas Are Poisonous LP x 2 8
V/A Why Must We Die for Your Science 7" 3
V/A Trapped in a Scene CD 8
V/A Times Are Hard for Dreamers CD 6
V/A This is a Care Package CD 8
V/A The Restless Natives CD 5
V/A The Path of Compassion CD 9
V/A The 26th 7" 3
V/A South is Cookin' LP 8
V/A Save You 7" 3
V/A Rootbeers and Molotovs CD 8
V/A Return of the Read Menace CD 8
V/A Planting the Seed CD 8
V/A No Idea 100: Redefiling Music CD 5
V/A No Borders: A Collection of Japanese and American Hardcore LP 8
V/A Music Does a Body Good LP 8
V/A Mindset Overhaul CD 5
V/A Longbow Project 001 LP 6
V/A Let's Do It For Lance: J Church Tribute CD 8
V/A Keep Singing! CD 8
V/A Illiterate LP 8
V/A If It Ain't Cheap, It Ain't Punk CD 4
V/A I Can't Live Without It LP 8
V/A I Can't Live Without It LP 8 Botch, Milhouse, In/humanity, Merrimac, Amber Inn, Closure, Guyver-One, Breakwater, Slow Side Down, Bor, Perilisium Cantos, and Curll.
V/A Growing Stronger 7" 3
V/A Give Me Back LP 8
V/A Four Old 7"s LP 9
V/A Flex Your Head LP 9
V/A Farm Sanctuary CD 6 Antiproduct, Seven Days of Samsara, Atom & His Package, A Smile For Weakness, Fermented Reptile, Bloodpact, Dave Awl, A Satellite Crash, Countdown To Putsch, Remus & Romulus Nation, Submission Hold, Bumble Bee, & Staircase.
V/A Education LP 8
V/A Destroy New Granada LP 8
V/A Definitely Not the Majors CD 7
V/A Decide on Change LP 8 Straight to Hell, Scholastic Deth, Esperanza, Cockraoch, Self Defense, Diallo, Something in the Water, Totalitar, Balance of Terror, Last Security, Melee, and Vuur.
V/A Deadly Sins 7" x 4 12
V/A Basic Training LP 5 3 Way Split w/Bobbycrook, Pseudo Heroes and Buttercup.
V/A Amnesia LP 8
V/A All the Days are Numbered So CD 6
V/A All Systems Go! LP 8
V/A Albany Style Hardcore 7" 3
Vena Cava So E-volved LP 8
View of a Burning City / Recovery Period Pterodactyl Muscle CD 3
Villains Drenched in Poison LP 10
Violent Breakfast Nient' Altro che Tempo LP 8
Violent Headache Bombs of Crust LP 8
Viscious S/T LP 8
Vitamin X Rip It Out 7" 3
Vitamin X People That Bleed 7" 3
Voetsek Tinea Cruris 7" 3
Voetsek Kick It 7" 3
Voetsek / Banjax split CD 6
Wait S/T CD 6
Wake Up on Fire S/T LP 8
Warhate / Domini Inferi split LP 10
Weekend Nachos Punish and Destroy LP 9
Why Are We Building Such a Bog Ship? S/T CD 10
William Maryr 17 Discography CD 6
Windmills by the Ocean S/T LP 8
Witch Hunt Blood Red States LP 8
Wolf & Cub / Fuigirnet split 7" 3
Wolves Art.Culture.Work LP 9
Wolves Art.Culture.Work LP 9
Word Salad Specimen 7" 3
Word Salad Electric Funeral 7" 3
Wormwood Behemoth 7" x 2 7
Xibalba Ah Dzam Poop Ek LP x 2 14
Yage Anders Leben!? LP 8
Yaphet Kotto We Bury Our Dead Alive LP 8
Yaphet Kotto The Killer Was in the… LP 8
Yaphet Kotto Syncopated Synthetic LP 8
Young Pioneers We March CD 7
Young Pioneers On Trial CD 6
Young Pioneers Free LP 8
Young Pioneers First Virginia Volunteers CD 7
Young Pioneers First Virginia Pioneers LP 6
Young Pioneers Crimewave CD 7
Young Pioneers Crime Wave LP 6
Your Heart Breaks S/T CD 6
Youth of Today Can't Close My Eyes LP 8
Youth of Today Break Down the Walls LP 8
Zao / Training for Utopia split CD 7
Zegota seven inch 7" 3
Zegota Reclaim! CD 8
Zegota Namaste CD 8
Zydepunks Exile Waltz CD 8