Thou tours in progress. 

These are the only tours we have planned at the moment, but feel free to get in touch with any ideas or requests.


We have one guy who lives in Oakland, one guy moving to San Diego, one guy who hates touring for extended periods, and we're all relatively poor. We also only play all ages shows, we prefer DIY venues, and it's really nice when there's a decent PA and nice sounding room with good local bands and an audience that cares. We'd absolutely love to come back to Europe or make our way to Australia, Japan, southeast Asia, et cetera, but we cannot afford to front the money for airfare. So touring--or even practicing for some of us--can be, admittedly, logistically challenging at the moment. Right now, our main focus is on remaining a band and continuing to write and record records.


But we're open to ideas. We still love you. Some of you. You know who you are.





For all of these shows, except the matinees, we will only be doing a single, collaborative set with THE BODY as one band. We will only be doing solo sets for the matinees.


06.27.14 - write/practice

06.28.14 - write/practice

06.29.14 - write/practice

06.30.14 - Baton Rouge at Atomic Pop (2963 Government Street) at seven pm with Silver Godling // Josh
07.01.14 - Birmingham at The Forge (5505 1st Avenue) at seven pm with Holly Hunt and Lume // Kevin
07.02.14 - Greensboro at Legitimate Business (1317 Grove Street) at eight pm with Darkentries // Kris (919 604 1474)

07.03.14 - Richmond (matinee) at Empire the Bar at two pm // Bobby Egger // The Body will NOT be playing this show.

07.03.14 - DC at The Pinch (3548 14th Street NW) at seven pm with Vilkacis, Pygmy Lush, and Jail Solidarity // Chris Moore and Jason (443 858 7534)
07.04.14 - Baltimore (matinee) at Sidebar (218 E. Lexington Street) at one pm with Curse and Wet Brain // Hasan Ali (410 493 7288) // The Body will NOT be playing this show.

07.04.14 - Philadelphia at Beaumont Warehouse at seven pm with Hirs, Pissgrave, and Backslider // Logan // 5027 Beaumont Avenue
07.05.14 - New York (matinee with both bands doing solo sets) at ABC No Rio (156 Rivington Street) at three pm with Vilkacis and Mongrel // Dyami

07.05.14 - Brooklyn at Pallisades (906 Broadway) at midnight with Ghastly City Sleep and Pygmy Lush // Fred Pressario

07.06.14 - New London (matinee) at The Savage Patch (150 Union Street) at one pm with Empty Vessels and Snow Orphan // Allison (860 501 7892) // The Body will NOT be playing this show.

07.06.14 - Worcestor at The Firehouse at eight pm with Rozamov and Frn // Tom
07.07.14 - Boston at Cuisine en Locale (156 Highland Avenue in Somerville) at eight pm with Cress, Appalachian Terror Unit, Curmudgeon, and Sandworm // Tom
07.08.14 - Providence at Machines with Magnets (400 Main Street in Pawtucket) at nine pm with Human Beast and Virusse // Lee
07.09.14 - write/record in Providence
07.10.14 - write/record in Providence
07.11.14 - write/record in Providence
07.12.14 - Buffalo at the Asian Market (1233 Niagara Street) at six pm // Andy Czuba
07.13.14 - Pittsburgh at The Shop at seven pm with Mere Phantoms and Pray for Teeth // Adam
07.14.14 - Columbus (matinee) at the Summit (2210 Summit Street) at noon with Cosmic Moon // Matt Hawk (740 649 0669) // The Body will NOT be playing this show.

07.14.14 - Detroit at Trumbullplex (4230 Common Wealth) at six pm with Blackbird Raum, Wood Spider, Touch, and Social Werq // Andrew
07.15.14 - Grand Rapids at Take Hold Church (222 S Division) at seven pm with Plagues, No Comply, and Race Bader Ginsberg // Steven (616 288 8384)
07.16.14 - Michigan City at Carbon Room (9833 W 300 N) at eight pm with Alraune and Angry Gods // Doyle
07.17.14 - Chicago (early all ages show, both bands doing solo sets) at Albion House (1719 W. Albion) at four pm with Moral Void // Chris LoPinto
07.17.14 - Chicago (late show, single, collabo set) at Empty Bottle (1035 N. Western) at nine pm with Ash Borer, Hell, and Hate // Chris LoPinto

07.18.14 - Oshkosh (collaboration set) at Masonic Center (204 Washington) at five pm with Ash Borer, Hell, Inter Arma, Protestant, and Oozing Wound // Gilead Fest
07.19.14 - Oshkosh (Body solo) at Masonic Center (204 Washington) two pm with Bastard Sapling, Mutilation Rites, Kowloon Walled City, Geryon, False, Sea of Bones, Owlfood, Hexer // Gilead Fest
07.20.14 - Oshkosh (Thou solo) Masonic Center (204 Washington) at one pm with Barghest, Loss, Uzala, Lychgate, Seidr, Generation of Vipers, Alraune, and Northless // Gilead Fest
07.21.14 - drive home




10.31.14 - New Orleans // Bryan

11.02.14 - Gainesville at The Fest 13 // Tony and Sarah



07.21 - Chicago // Chris LoPinto
07.22 - Knoxville at
Poison Lawn (5426 Neubert Springs Road) at ten pm // Michael and Emily (865 335 0876)