Thou tours in progress. 

We currently do not have any tours planned at the moment, but feel free to get in touch with any ideas or requests.


We have one guy who lives in Oakland, one guy moving to San Diego, one guy who hates touring for extended periods, and we're all relatively poor. We also only play all ages shows, we prefer DIY venues, and it's really nice when there's a decent PA and nice sounding room with good local bands and an audience that cares. We'd absolutely love to come back to Europe or make our way to Australia, Japan, southeast Asia, et cetera, but we cannot afford to front the money for airfare. So touring--or even practicing for some of us--can be, admittedly, logistically challenging at the moment. Right now, our main focus is on remaining a band and continuing to write and record records.


But we're open to ideas. We still love you. Some of you. You know who you are.



We're going to do a handful of shows over Halloween weekend. About half the set will include our longtime collaborator Emily McWilliams on vocals and keyboard!

10.31.14 - Baton Rouge at Lagniappe Records (705 Saint Joseph Street) at ten pm // Josh

11.01.14 - New Orleans (matinee) at the New Orleans Public Library (Main Branch at 219 Loyola) MATINEE AT NOON with Rough Shape // Luka

11.01.14 - Tallahassee, live studio performance on WVFS (420 Diffenbaugh, University Way) at 12:30AM (so, technically, on the 2nd!) // David (727 772 3737) // online stream

11.02.14 - Gainesville at The Fest 13 at The Wooly (20 N. Main Street) at four pm with Melvins, Circle Takes the Square, Coliseum, United Nations, Mantar, and Whores // Sarah and Tony


short week in Europe in the Spring:

04.02.15 - New Orleans at Alombrados Oasis with Gristnam and Secret Passage // David

04.04.15 - Nantes at Metalorgie

04.09.15 - Tilburg at Roadburn

04.10.15 - Leipzig at Doom Over Leipzig

04.11.15 - Karlsruhe at Dude Festival


West Coast collaboration tour with The Body:

10.30.15 - San Diego

10.31.15 - Lancaster at Punk is Not Dead Fest with Catharsis and Gehenna // Zack Barrera

11.01.15 - Riverside with Catharsis // Zack Barrera

11.02.15 - Los Angeles

11.03.15 - Santa Barbara

11.04.15 - Santa Cruz

11.05.15 - Oakland

11.06.15 - San Francisco

11.07.15 - Berkeley

11.08.15 - Arcata

11.09.15 - Salem

11.10.15 - Portland

11.11.15 - Olympia

11.12.15 - Seattle