Thou tours in progress. 

We currently do not have any tours planned at the moment, but feel free to get in touch with any ideas or requests.


We have one guy who lives in Oakland, one guy moving to San Diego, one guy who hates touring for extended periods, and we're all relatively poor. We also only play all ages shows, we prefer DIY venues, and it's really nice when there's a decent PA and nice sounding room with good local bands and an audience that cares. We'd absolutely love to come back to Europe or make our way to Australia, Japan, southeast Asia, et cetera, but we cannot afford to front the money for airfare. So touring--or even practicing for some of us--can be, admittedly, logistically challenging at the moment. Right now, our main focus is on remaining a band and continuing to write and record records.


But we're open to ideas. We still love you. Some of you. You know who you are.



North east with False through the August 1st matinee, then the last three solo:

07.26 - New Orleans at Sisters in Christ with The Cloth, Roman Polanski's Baby, and Baby Boy // Bryan

07.27 - Nashville at Cafe Coco (210 Louise Avenue) at eight pm with False, Noisem, Unsacred, and Alraune // Tyler
07.28 - Pittsburgh at Roboto Project (5106 Penn Avenue) at seven pm with False, Slaves BC, and Mere Phantoms // Michael

07.29 - Toronto at The Garrison (1197 Dundas Street W) at eight pm with False, Bastard Noise, Pig Heart Transplant, and Black Iron Prison // Greg
07.30 - Montreal at La Sala Rossa (4848 St-Laurent Blvd.) at Rrroooaaarrr Fest with False, Windhand, Show of Bedlam, Night Witches // Andrew
07.31 - Brooklyn at St. Vitus (1120 Manhattan Avenue) at eight pm with False, Forn, and Sunrot // Fred
08.01 - Manhattan (matinee) at ABC No Rio (156 Rivington Street) at ONE PM with False, Lord Snow, and Youth Crush // Dyami

08.01 - DC at In It Together Fest at St. Stephens Church (1525 Newton St. NW) at eight pm with Pygmy Lush, Cayetana, Soda Bomb, Rozwell Kid, Two Inch Astronaut, The Black Sparks, Meridian, Orca, and Jail Solidarity // Marshall
08.02 - Verona (matinee) at Art and Soul Tattoos (334 Lee Highway 24482) at one pm with Diseased Earth and Sovereign // Travis (540 294 6562)

08.02 - Knoxville at Poison Lawn at nine pm with Argentinum Astrum and Thetan // Michael // LAST SHOW AT POISON LAWN AND LAST AA SHOW!

Body collaboration west coast tour with Heat Dust:

10.11.15 - fly day

10.12.15 - practice

10.13.15 - practice

10.14.15 - practice

10.15.15 - Tucson at 191 Toole at Southwest Terror Fest with In the Company of Serpents, Dead to a Dying World, Abstractor, Hanta, Gale, Methra // David

10.16.15 - Albuquerque // Daniel

10.17.15 - Colorado Springs (MATINEE, solo set, NO BODY) at Flux Capacitor (3530 N. Chelton Loop) at four pm with Alone // Sean

10.17.15 - Denver at Glob // Ethan

10.18.15 - Salt Lake City with Sub Rosa // Jesse & Jon

10.19.15 - Reno // Johnny

10.19.15 - Chico (LATE NIGHT SHOW, solo set, NO BODY)

10.20.15 - Portland // Michelle

10.21.15 - Seattle with Dreamdecay // Justin

10.22.15 - Seattle (MATINEE) at KEXP // Tanner

10.22.15 - Olympia // Alex

10.23.15 - Portland (MATINEE, solo sets) // Michelle

10.23.15 - Salem at Wisp House (805 Church Street) // Asa

10.24.15 - Ashland (MATINEE, solo set, NO BODY) at Club 66 (1951 Ashland Street) at noon with Hermits and Claire Burgess // James

10.24.15 - Eureka at the Vet's Hall (1018 H Street) at seven pm // Paul

10.25.15 - Santa Rosa (MATINEE, solo set, NO BODY) // Valentina Vargas

10.25.15 - Berkeley at 924 Gilman Street // Will

10.26.15 - Oakland at 1234Go! Records (MATINEE, solo set, NO BODY) // Pat Libby

10.26.15 - Oakland at the Metro // Will

10.27.15 - Sacramento at The Colony (3512 Stockton Blvd) at eight pm with Gehenna and Theories // Chris Lemos

10.28.15 - San Luis Obispo at SLO Grange (2880 Broad Street) at seven pm with Hollow Sunshine and Leucrota // Eric

10.29.15 - Santa Barbara with Catharsis

10.30.15 - San Diego with Catharsis and Full of Hell // Blaine

10.31.15 - Los Angeles with Catharsis and Full of Hell // Ryan San Martin

11.01.15 - Orange County at the Observatory Theater at Day of the Shred Fest // Evan

11.01.15 - Los Angeles with Catharsis // Sean Carlson