Chopsley II:  It is time for stormy weather.





  We have TWO shows already scheduled for the new year.  We'll be playing at the Big Top on January 16th with Fatter Than Albert.  And then we'll be doing a benefit show for the Iron Rail at the Dragon's Den on February 13th.  
  We also just finished recording all fourteen of our songs with our good friend and the eternally patient James Whitten.  We should have some sort of release of that in the coming months after it's all mixed down and mastered.
All Saints Fans Have Been Purged From Punk Rock
When the thrills of the father become those of the son, when rebellion is just a youthful phase, when innovation and creativity are drowned amongst the baying of conformity--you're done.
Hipsters Never Die: They Just Go to the Saturn Bar to Regroup
Emigration from lower Magazine into the depths of the 9th Ward urban wilderness.  Low lifes.  Poseurs.  Work monkeys.  Party people.  Teeth-grinding degenerates draped in glamour.  Shambling spectres rutting in the darkness.
Students for Ron Paul
The pendulum that once swung left now comes crashing to the right.  Time erodes reason.  Growth corrupts memory.  Consistency tempts convenience.  Intolerance tempts frustration.  No more lesser evils.
Reincarnation Axl Rose
The words of power lay broken.  Youthful ideology abandoned to an age of decadence.  Stability, career, fame: But all I see is stagnation.  This is advancement.  This is entertainment.
My Best Friend is a Very Famous Actor
Once we were as Kain and Cecil.  But that curtain has fallen.  Communication smote with pompous egotism and willful abandon.  This is your cue.  Sincerity rebuked.  Vanity unbridled.  One last grasp: futility.
Smothered in Titties (The Death of a Salesman)
The conman's bravado marks the prelude to his fall to the lowly dredges of servitude along Veterans Boulevard from the high seat of power of a West Bank Empire.  Goodbye to the three piece suit, to the fancy cars, to the money, to your power, to your attitude, to pride, to self respect.
Train-Hopping Parasites
Hiding behind art, behind self expression, behind poverty.  Disguised as liberalism.  Disguised as radicalism.  Now get on your bikes and ride.
40 Oz. of Social Skills
When you're stoned and I am drunk, when we make love it feels a little desolate.  It's hard sometimes not to think what's the point when I'm having to hold this fire down.  Because every recollection is fettered in the chains of addiction.  Let's just forget about it.  Bend your reason.  Ignore the past: fumbling intimacies, unmerited altercations, money in the trash, and words we can never take back.
We Don't Care What People Say
From the beach front mansions of Pass Christian, to the endless sands of Biloxi, in and out the countless punk houses of Baton Rouge, culminating in reckless filth and invincible stamina, despite crooked politicians and dirty cops--we rule this ancient city.  In defense of decadence, street lights, people.  Gulf Coast.  Fuck you.
No Gods, No Myspace 
A new design for relationships.  Relationships of distance.  Relationships that don't require meeting.  Relationships that never require meeting.  Evermore will we be engulfed in the electronic.  Starved of light, fresh air, fresh food, spontaneous movement, friendly face-to-face human company, human warmth, human touch, human smell--animals no more.
Tulane University
You had a hundred billion chances and ways to have avoided today.  But you decided to spill my blood.  You forced me into a corner and gave me only one option.  Now you have blood on your hands that will never wash off.  You had everything you wanted.  Your mercedes wasn't enough.  Golden necklaces weren't enough.  Your trust funds weren't enough.  Vodka and cognac wasn't enough.  All your debaucheries weren't enough to fill your hedonistic needs. 
Crescent City Morons
(Really they're all) just nu metal jocks--heybrahs.  Hey, brah, you couldn't join the cops, so now what?  Sneak and drop kick fourteen year old girls instead of black people.  I guess they grew up around can't dance people.  A bunch of can't dance kids, living in a can't dance house, out in a can't dance car, with a doofy can't dance dad, getting drunk in can't dance bars.  You can't dance.  Homeboy, will you please get off the floor?  You morons.
Death to Irony
Now let's all cash in on the next big New Orleans trend.  Let's play pretend.  Now shake your ass like you saw on the tv.  Just how many black friends do you have?  And just how cool does that make you feel?  Congratulations, you're not racist.  You are just disillusioned, out of touch, and completely ignorant.  Defend New Orleans.  Defend its culture.  Offend the tourists.  Offend the usurpers.  We're gonna cut this shit out right.  We're kicking Batemon out the house tonight.  We're gonna cut this shit out right.  We're kicking Ballzack out the house tonight.  We're gonna cut this shit out right.  We'll kick The Saint out the house tonight.  We're gonna cut this shit out right.  We're kicking hipsters out the house tonight.
My Shitty Metairie Metal Band
How long can we vacillate between substance-less posturing and the embodiment of all that's loathsome?  In our hands violence is no longer a means of social, emotional, or intellectual deconstruction.  Jocks go out at night and pick fights from Friar Tucks to TJ Quills.  Open the parish.  Bomb the suburbs.  Cops go out at night and pick fights from Bourbon Street to Esplanade.

Fell deeds of wrath and of ruin: 
004 - The End of Civilization as We Know It.
07.31.08 Zeitgeist - Peter Young, This Time Tomorrow, Reclaim Life.
003 - I Believe in Miracles (Coach)
05.20.08 Rachel's - Dead Friends, Rock Paper Stupid, The Let Down.
002 - Offend New Orleans (Martinez)
12.06.07 Dragon's Den - American Cheeseburger and Sugar Cookies.
001 - Re-Imagining (George | Fox | Murphey
10.22.07 Dragon's Den - Strike Anywhere and We Need to Talk.
001 - 06.25.07 Dragons Den - Fucked Up and We Need to Talk.