Eat a Bag Full of Dicks!

According to this website here, we have members of Soilent Green in our band!?!  [I think Eddie Pelligrini used to sing for them and got kicked out for being too sexist.]  Also check out this tread.  And check out the post from LAPunx.



Destroying music one song at a time. | Eat a bowl of shit, bitch.

"We only have one working mic now if you remember, so remind everyone they've got to bring their own if they want to be heard.  I'm going to paint some toilet-paper rolls black and attach the broken cables to them for anyone who feels stupid not having a mic.  This should cut back on costs.  We can give these fake mics to the singers who are really drunk, and they'll never know the difference."  Andrew Banton, Headmaster of the House of Musicians.


Rorschach Journal Entry.

"Dog carcass in alley today.  Tire tread on burst stomach.  Eat a Bag of Dicks played a show.  The crowd was filthy, full of donothings.  This city is filthy."