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Last Updated February 25, 6:40 PM :: This list is an events calendar of [loosely] DIY activities in New Orleans.  This calendar includes music shows, independent theater, activist and other types of meetings, etc. You will not find a listing for the House of Blues.  The only way we can keep this list accurate and up-to-date is if you keep us informed.  We can't spend every waking hour searching the internet and looking for flyers.  Tell us what's going on! Submit your show to get it listed.

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Monday, February 26
Lilly Winwood | Cyrena Wages
Monday, February 26. Holy Diver (1200 St. Bernard Avenue). 9PM. $10.
Yes, Nashville-via-England singer Lilly Winwood is the daughter of Steve Winwood (Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, arena-headlining solo career). Yours truly’s first musical purchase as a youth was Steve’s greatest hits album Chronicles on cassette in ‘87. Cyrena Wagesis a Memphis singer-songwriter siren with a tale to tell. Tour poster: instagram.com/p/C0uGog4u_4_
Tuesday, February 27
Bill Nace | Dylan Burchett & Erin Demastes | Hal Lambert & Mitchell Mobley
Tuesday, February 27. Midcity Ballroom. 8PM. $10.
Noise guru Bill Nace hits Baton Rouge with support from local experimental duos. Nace is a prolific recording artist with beaucoup releases on his own Open Mouth label, plus some recent releases on Drag City. He's recorded with everyone including Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore, Chris Corsano, Okkyung Lee, Bill Orcutt, Michael Morley, etc etc.
Thursday, February 29
Drug Church | MSPaint | Nighdrator | Airsoft
Thursday, February 29. Fat Cat (Hattiesburg, MS). 7PM. $20.
It’s about a 1hr & 40 min drive from NOLA up to h-burg but, should definitely be a fun one! Drug Church : post hardcore from Albany, NY on Pure Noise records. MSPAINT : post punk electronica from Hattiesburg on Convulse Records. Nighdrator : shoegaze from Hattiesburg Airsoft : weirdo punk rock from Hattiesburg
Degenerate Picnik | Atom Cat
Thursday, February 29. Hi-Ho Lounge. 8PM.
“Leap Year Party.” Degenerate Picnik at 8, Atom Cat at 10.
Friday, March 1
Hans Condor | The Headwoundz | Special Meat
Friday, March 1. Holy Diver (1200 St. Bernard Avenue). 9PM. $10.
Are you hardwired for death? Crazed, turbocharged Nashville garagecore (Hans Condor), St. Rose / NOLA(?) raucous punk (The Headwoundz), NOLA carnal grunge punk sleaze (Special Meat). Fire your life coach for allowing you to go to this one. Flyer: instagram.com/p/C3JJsaPOB1-
Ending | 610 Split | No End in Sight
Friday, March 1. The Maple Room (2219 Carey Street, Slidell). 9PM. FREE.
“Original heavy music returns to Olde Towne.” Yes, a band called Ending is playing with one called No End In Sight. Awkward. Everyone knows Opposite Day is Jan. 25th. Video flyer: facebook.com/groups/342247842909015/permalink/1798695080597610
The Unnaturals
Friday, March 1. The Pour House (3501 Jefferson Hightway). 8PM-11PM. FREE.
Surf rock. No opening act mentioned. Flyer: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=923406059532481
Sunday, March 3
Venus Twins | Pons | Terminal Tongue | Fault
Sunday, March 3. Siberia. 8:30PM. $10.
NYC sends us a pair of trios on 3/3. wikipedia.org/wiki/Synchronicity. Venus Twins is NYC noise rock / sludge punk / sometimes spooky Sonic Youth-y avant-drone-rock, on a sojourn (tour poster: instagram.com/p/C2iZ6xmuBSP) to SXSW to get hipsterized. Unlike most “Twins” bands, this one features actual twins, identical ones at that. linktr.ee/venustwins. Live clip: youtube.com/watch?v=8CKrp5OZDBQ. Pons is Brooklyn garage punk (self-described as no wave, but not artsy / iconoclastic enough TBH) on Dedstrange Records. Their new LP The Liquid Self is about critters of the ocean realm. Speaking of which, I saw my Loyola marine biology professor (Frank Jordan, no relation to the indie rock band of the same name) at the best rock show I ever attended: Hum + Swervedriver + The Universal Chrome (3/11/98). He had seen Sonic Youth live in Florida in the ‘80s, so I lent him my S.Y. - Screaming Fields Of Sonic Love VHS at the end of the semester, & never got it back. This was like 7 years before YouTube, so a VHS compilation of your favorite band’s pre-major label music vids was a pretty big deal. I remember in the early to mid ‘90s, we would watch home videos (as they were called) like Faith No More’s Video Croissant, Primus’ Cheesy Home Video, & Pantera’s Vulgar Video. Interspersed among the music vids would generally be irreverent but invaluable behind-the-scenes / offstage footage of the band members, giving fans insight into their daily lives. Then we’d play basketball or skate. Two upstanding local bands of an intense nature open. Flyer / tix: dice.fm/event/7xldp. Note that page’s lack of any description. Thank Heaven For NOLADIY. Young guns may catch this tour at all-ages venue Mid City Ballroom in Baton Rouge two days later.
Contraflow | Driven | The Fabulous Von Zippers | Retro | Dr. Rock
Sunday, March 3. Southport Hall. 1PM. $20.
Ferd Fest. “Rockers, bikers, hot rodders & pirates unite. Six great bands - Contraflow, Driven, the Fabulous Von Zippers, Ferd's own band Retro, and Dr Rock are joining together to support Ferd Gonzales, a fellow musician who is fighting brain cancer. Come out for a great day of music and fun for a great cause!” Well, that’s just five bands, so stay tuned for another to be announced. Doors at noon.
Enjoy | Cowgirl Clue
Sunday, March 3. Toulouse Theatre (615 Toulouse Street). $20.
Enjoy is a side project by one of the twin brothers, both of whom are also models, who make up Cali experimental punx The Garden. (Coincidentally, a band of twin brothers is playing on this same night at Siberia.) TG brought Flipper to town as an opening act in ‘22, so they must be pretty cool. Enjoy has somehow cranked out 16 albums in a dozen years. Cowgirl Clue is part of the same musical collective. Her sound is “a rhinestone blue jean blend of electronic barbie glam with a country twang to it that you'd hear at Cracker Barrel if it was a barn rave,” sez a Bandcamp fan.
Tuesday, March 5
Doom Scroll | Ponch Bueller | Oh Dang
Tuesday, March 5. Okay Bar (1700 Port Street). 9PM. $10.
Loveland, CO’s “Doom Scroll describes its acoustic punk sound as ‘aggressive, melodic punk/crust wave’ with complex instrumentation and layers of harmonies knitted from decades of music appreciation and performance. Coming soon to your sleepy, unsuspecting town.” Awake yet? Flyer with band links: instagram.com/p/C3km_wkMMSw
Thursday, March 7
Dana Ives | Kairos | Sick Ride
Thursday, March 7. Santos Bar. 9PM. $10.
Edhochuli | Day Job | Big Garden | Secret Cowboy
Thursday, March 7. Siberia. 8:30PM. $10.
One vaguely remembers seeing fiesty screamo lads Edhochuli perform at the Mushroom ca. 2013. They are named after iconic NFL referee Ed Hochuli, who was born on Christmas Day. Wikipedia: “He is best known for his athletic/muscular physique (height: 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m); weight: 230 pounds (100 kg)), and for explaining on-field rulings in a manner that is comprehensive yet also clear and concise.” Just like NOLADIY: Iconic, towering, strong, & averse to beating around the bush. We can tell Ed was one of the main score “fixers” in the NFL because “National Football League” has a gematria (letter-to-number) value of 85, as does the probably-made-up surname “Hochuli,” and he even wore number 85 on his zebra outfit. Speaking of the number 85 and football, the NFL played a clever trick in ‘85: One of its founding franchises, the Bears, had arguably the best defense ever that season, dubbed the 46 Defense. By total coincidence, they scored 46 points in the Super Bowl at our Superdome to cap off that triumphant season, despite not having a great offense. (46 is a very high score, the highest ever in a Super Bowl at the time.) “Chicago” = 46 in gematria. That’s entertainment! “Forged in the flames of post-industrial America and quenched with the sweat of a thousand basement shows – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Edhochuli has spent the past nearly decade and a half showcasing their unique brand of passionate and thought provoking angular, riff-drenched post-hardcore.” Come get post-drenched. Pittsburgh residents are blessed with pigskin success, to the tune of 6 Super Bowl titles. The Steelers played the Packers last fall 666 weeks after the two hallowed squads collided in the 2010 season’s Super Bowl. What’s more, the Steelers entered that game on 11/12/23 with 666 regular-season wins as a franchise. (And they entered w/ 36 playoff wins, which is relevant because if you add up every number from 1 thru 36, you get 666.) And the son of the Steelers’ founder just happened to die a few weeks before that game, on the most Satanic day of the year, Halloween, which caps off the month of October, a word with gematria of 666. And the dead son’s name was Patrick, which has a gematria value of… 666. AND he died in between two consecutive Super Bowl wins by a quarterback named Patrick (Mahomes, of the Chiefs). The NFL’s founder, & owner of the aforementioned Bears, George Halas, also croaked on Halloween. Heh. These elites live the high life by the numbers, but are coldly snuffed out like rats when their predetermined death dates roll around. ‘Tis better to live a long, humble D.I.Y. life that is meaningful to you. Two less-deranged local bands open. BG = Metal-adjacent shoegrunge / heavy alt boyz. SC = Instrumental math rock riddlers. Flyer: dice-media.imgix.net/attachments/2024-02-05/99f88c0b-ebab-4cb2-bcdb-3257c32daec1.jpg
Friday, March 8
The Love Muscles | Amethyst & The Mirrors | Erika Torres
Friday, March 8. Carrollton Station. 9PM SHARP.
“Celebrate International Women’s Day and all beings femme by boogieing down with three lady lead acts!” Flyer: instagram.com/p/C3lBGMaRakL
People Museum | Tasche de la Rocha
Friday, March 8. Chickie Wah Wah. 9PM. $25.
Flyers: instagram.com/p/C2-FRwyLvYR
The Ocean | The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die | Shy, Low
Friday, March 8. Gasa Gasa. 8PM. $27.
Sleater-Kinney | Black Belt Eagle Scout
Friday, March 8. The Joy Theater. 8PM.
“The Last Song” and “The Day I Went Away” on their first album are such bomb tracks. “TLS” has maybe the most stunning, blood-curdling primal screams in recorded history, and surprisingly it’s sung by mild-mannered future comic actress Carrie, not lead shrieker Corin. Anyway, too bad they don’t play the early stuff anymore, as many fans are quick to justifiably gripe. Why are bands so cringe at knowing what their own best songs are? Maybe S-K are just embarrassed by those embryonic days because it was when they named themselves after an intersection. Imagine a local punk band named Clearview-Veterans in honor of the longest traffic light in the state. Meditative, honey-voiced singer-songwriter BBES headlined in town last April.
The Ocean | The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid To Die | Shy, Low
Friday, March 8. Siberia. 9PM. $25.
Shout Young | DJ TE.KUN
Friday, March 8. Zony Mash (3940 Thalia Street). 7PM. $20.
Mario Kart Live. “All ticket pricing includes entry to the event - the first 50 presale tickets will also include 1 guarenteed play! Once these are gone event-goers will be entered into a lottery play system. Get ready to rev your engines, as we bring you the ultimate fusion of live music, DJ vibes, and Mario Kart competitions. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just looking for a fun night out, grab your friends and join us for an unforgettable expereince! Gamers will play in assigned groups of 4 on our main stage screen with a live band pumping up the adrenaline as you navigate through the twists and turns of Mario Kart tracks. We'll also have DJ TE.KUN keeping it hot throughout the night along with some fun art/merch vendors in the space.” Info: eventbrite.com/e/840637227577
Saturday, March 9
Train Wreck Method | 1016 | This Beating Heart | Trey J Mollo
Saturday, March 9. Babylon. 8PM. $10.
Violette Fest. Violette “is 1 years old and is battling lissencephaly a terminal brain disease. her doctors have said she may not see 2 years old and if she is lucky enough to fight she will have mental problems from her brain not being formed right because of the disease. let's help this little girl and her mama. Trey J Mollo of Transient solo act 8:00 - 8:45 This Beating Heart 9:00 - 9:45 1016 10:00 - 10:45 Train Wreck Method 11:00 - 11:45 ALL DONATIONS will be accepted through the night either to the door man, myself or her mom's gofundme.” Flyer: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=387356304025698
Silver Dose | GRYWLF | Neznum | Firing Squad
Saturday, March 9. Freetown Boom Boom Room (300 McKinley Street, Lafayette).
A couple of stoner metal / hard grunge type bands, plus a Lafayette goth metal one (GRYWLF ) and a new “Grove [sic] / technical death metal band from south louisiana just doing what we love!” (Firing Squad).
Tuesday, March 12
Nick Shoulders and The Okay Crawdad
Tuesday, March 12. Tipitina's.
Thursday, March 14
Dana Ives | Rematch | Neutral Snap | Hotel Burgundy
Thursday, March 14. The Broadside (600 N. Broad Street). 8PM. $15.
Pi Day indie rock blowout. Say, isn’t it a little suspicious that we are told one of the world’s foremost mathematicians, Stephen Hawking, died on Pi Day? Of course, there’s long been a conspiracy theory that he died due to ALS decades earlier and was replaced w/ a body double or clone, as facial analyses indicate. https://broadsidenola.com/tickets/
Friday, March 15
Baby in the 90s | Scenic World | Maintenance
Friday, March 15. Blue Moon Saloon (215 E. Convent Street, Lafayette). 8PM.
Lo-fi alt- indie pop confections.
Omni | This is Lorelei | Wesley Wolffe
Friday, March 15. Siberia. 9PM.
Omni is quirky math pop somewhat indebted to Devo, Frodus, Possum Dixon, Pavement’s “Stereo,” Palm, Satisfact, etc. “The music of Atlanta trio Omni has always swung fast and hit hard. And Souvenir, their fourth album and second for Sub Pop, packs their biggest punch yet. Inactive during the majority of the pandemic — the longest downtime in their history — they approached this recording with lots of pent-up energy. Guitarist Frankie Broyles, singer/bassist Philip Frobos, and drummer Chris Yonker converted their creative fuel into sharp, driving songs that land immediately, sporting chopping riffs, staccato beats, and wiry melodies.” Wiry… Get it? They are likely influenced by the eccentric band Wire. “The lyrics on Souvenir are also by turns funny, absurd, and even cryptic. A wry humor has always coursed through Omni’s songs, and this time, it comes in shades of both dark and light. In ‘Granite Kiss,’ an ‘astronomical’ love story concludes with the hope that ‘we can decay together,’ while in ‘PG,’ a romantic walk in the park includes a rose-colored mugging.” Check out their “Exacto” music vid (this will go down as their signature song), and the infomercial-style one for “Plastic Pyramid,” reminiscent of Toad The Wet Sprocket’s brilliant “Something’s Always Wrong” vid. Evanescence also did this cleverly with their “Everybody’s Fool” vid. (It features a mirror-punching scene, linking it to Black Flag’s Damaged album cover and Avril Lavigne’s “Don’t Tell Me” vid.) Now you know THREE infomercial-style music videos. Are there more? Drop us a line. This is Lorelei are NYC quirk poppers led by a guy from the very quirky Matador Recs. band Water From Your Eyes. They have a 31-song compilation album for free on Bandcamp. The only way this show could be geekier or quirkier is if it were held the previous day, Pi Day. Fun Fact: Despite their name, Toad The Wet Sprocket are the least quirky band in this preview. Unfun Fact: This show was originally scheduled for the late Gasa Gasa.
The Kissing Disease | Kota Dosa
Friday, March 15. Wolf Den (at the Howlin Wolf). 7PM. $10.
Wednesday, March 20
The Obsessed | Howling Giant | Gozu
Wednesday, March 20. Siberia. 9PM. $20.
Thursday, March 21
Buio Omega | D.Sablu | Terminal Tongue
Thursday, March 21. The Goat (1301 St. Bernard Avenue). 9PM. $10.
Friday, March 22
Dash Rip Rock | Bedlamville Triflers
Friday, March 22. Red Dragon Listening Room (2401 Florida Street, Baton Rouge). 8PM. $30.
Saturday, March 23
Twinspan | Wild Fire | She Might be a Beast
Saturday, March 23. The Howlin Wolf. 8PM. $10.
Young meme-loving Mandeville metallers Twinspan’s Oak To Stone EP release show. Their debut concert was last August at Mandeville’s short-lived Hideaway Den, one of several local music clubs – One Eyed Jacks, Sidney’s Saloon (now Holy Diver), Gasa Gasa, Breakaway’s R&B, possibly the Music Box (hiatus / ownership shakeup?), possibly the Marsh Room (burned 11/4; no reopening plans announced) – to tap out in the brutal 2023. And B.R.’s Varsity Theatre has been all but neutered into a sports bar by the success of new rival Chelsea’s Live. Support your local small music venues, and drive long distances to other ones. Every venue is local if you like music enough. Or if you just dig a specific band enough. Biloxi’s WF = some sort of emo-influenced nu-metal or vice versa. Not really sure what they’re trying to accomplish now that MTV’s TRL is no longer airing. NOLA’s current hardest-gigging rockers SMBAB = melodic grunge / sometimes borderline metal. In the Porch Room, which may be a new name for the Wolf Den. Presented by Fuel the Funeral Entertainment. Flyer w/ band links: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=364395406196820
Tuesday, March 26
Kurt Vile and The Violators | Weak Signal
Tuesday, March 26. Tipitina's. 8PM. $30 (advance).
KV = Philly laconic stoner-pop singer / guitarist, ex-The War On Drugs. Described as “the perfect intersection between Tom Petty and Pavement, Neil Young and Beck,” he has improbably wound up on jazz purveyor Verve Records with the 73-minute album Watch My Moves. WS = NYC droney garage pop / neo-slowcore trio à la Acetone, Yo La Tengo, Neil Young. They mildly cover “It's Not Enough” by Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers. (JT died suspiciously in ‘91 in the French Quarter, either from o.d. or murder, at the St. Peter Guest House, now called Inn On St. Peter.)
Wednesday, March 27
Circle Jerks | Descendents | Adolescents
Wednesday, March 27. Civic Theatre. 7:30PM.
"Is he a punk?" "No, worse! He's an EX-punk!" Flyer: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=899978535030794
Front Line Assembly
Wednesday, March 27. Southport Hall. 8PM. $34.16 (includes all fees), $82.53 (VIP; includes all fees).
FLA are foregoing the Biloxi casino date of the Ministry / Gary Numan tour they’re opening to do this one-off headlining show instead. (You may have caught all three at the Fillmore last spring.) “Front Line Assembly began in 1986, releasing several albums between 1988-92 that saw the group acknowledged as electronic / industrial / EBM scene heavyweights alongside Front 242, Nitzer Ebb and Skinny Puppy (founder Bill Leeb had been a member of Skinny Puppy prior to forming FLA). The 1989 album, Gashed Senses & Crossfire (1989), was promoted with major tours that saw Rhys Fulber joining the band. Fulber and Leeb became a creative tour de force, creating the genre-defining classics Caustic Grip and Tactical Neural Implant in 1990 and 1992. Front Line Assembly has always pushed the boundaries of the genre it helped define. Millennium and Hard Wired, saw the group flirt with industrial metal sounds in tandem with trademark electronics. 2013’s Echogenetic, incorporated elements of glitch and dubstep, creating a potent hybrid of their most successful pure electronic releases and blurred the boundary between electronic industrial and what is generally perceived as modern electronica. The band’s latest album, Wake Up the Coma, proves FLA a fearless leading force in electro-industrial, with surprising new elements, such as a cover of Falco's ‘Amadeus’…” Opening act(s) unknown now, in late December.
Thursday, March 28
Cyrus Nabipoor quintet | George Wilde
Thursday, March 28. Marigny Opera House. 8PM. $15-25 “suggested donation”.
Portland trumpeter Cyrus Nabipoor & his band’s ambient jazz cover of the Smiths’ automotive-death ode “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” has been heard on WTUL. It was recorded live at this very venue 5 years ago: cyrusnabipoor.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-the-marigny-opera-house. “Cyrus holds a B.M. from Loyola University New Orleans, where he graduated magna cum laude and was awarded outstanding undergraduate in both Jazz and Brass. While at Loyola, he studied with Nick Volz, Tony Dagradi and Jimbo Walsh. In 2015, Cyrus was awarded the International Trumpet Guild Jazz Scholarship.” The quartet presumably still features NOLA’s James Singleton on upright bass. Opener George Wilde is its guitarist. NOTAFLOF (No one turned away for lack of a flute or flugelhorn). Flyer: marignyoperahouse.org/upcoming-events/cyrus-nabipoor-quintet-3
Saturday, March 30
Crowbar | Nita Strauss | Horns N’ Halos | 610 Split
Saturday, March 30. Southport Hall. 7:30PM. $30.
“Come see Crowbar rip the stage!! Special Guest Horns n Halos 8:45-9:45. Crowbar hits stage 10:15!!!” Two openers, one of whom has almost half a million Fb followers (Nita Strauss) have been added to the bill. The other is locals 610 Split. See updated flyer w/ links - https://facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=991083562383865
Monday, April 1
Artillery | Vapor | Potential Threat | Herakleion
Monday, April 1. Siberia. 9PM. $22.
Tuesday, April 2
Bob Dylan
Tuesday, April 2. Heymann Performing Arts Center (1373 South College Road, Lafayette). 8PM.
His “Rough and Rowdy Ways Tour,” to show the punx & zydecoers how it’s done. No phones / devices allowed.
Saturday, April 13
Lisbon Girls | Aubrey Jane | Autumn Dominguez
Saturday, April 13. DMac’s (542 Norman C. Francis Parkway). 8PM-11PM. $10.
Lisbon Girls is NOLA Spanish-language synth pop / chillwave / dream pop. Aubrey Jane is “Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Aubrey Jane knows a thing or two about a broken heart. In a harmonic convergence of bewitching vocals and visceral lyricism, Jane refuses to be defined, experimenting in everything from dream pop to indie folk to hard rock.”
Friday, April 19
Adam Ant | The English Beat
Friday, April 19. The Fillmore (6 Canal Street). 8PM. $53 - $294.
Sunday, April 21
Swans | Kristof Hahn
Sunday, April 21. Civic Theatre. 8PM. $30 (general), $75.
No more Norman, Parsons, Jarboe, Rieflin, Thor, etc., but Michael Gira soldiers on as Swans, still one of the bleakest & most alarming words in underground anti-rock after 4 decades. “Swans is now comprised of a revolving cast of musicians, selected for both their musical and personal character, chosen according to what I intuit best suits the atmosphere in which I’d like to see the songs I’ve written presented.” A good introduction to their music up to ‘95: trouserpress.com/reviews/swans. “Swans trudge through dragging tempos, 2/2 meters and low frequency mush, all the while howling about alienation and despair. Listening to their records isn’t like banging your head against a wall; it’s like banging your head against the side of a swimming pool — underwater.” Local metal band A Hanging was presumably named after the early Swans dirge. Gira & co. no longer play hits like “Raping A Slave” & “Money Is Flesh.” In fact, they apparently only play very recent stuff, from the meditative neofolk-y LPs The Beggar and Leaving Meaning, so check out some recent Swans gigs on setlist.fm to make sure you’re okay with this. KH has done time in Legendary Golden Vampires, Swans, Koolkings (w/ former Tremé resident Alex Chilton), Angels Of Light (w/ Gira), Les Hommes Sauvages, Pere Ubu, etc.
Wednesday, April 24
The Flaming Lips
Wednesday, April 24. Saenger Theatre (1111 Canal Street). 8PM. $39.50 - $89.50.
30 years ago (4/19/94), while “She Don’t Use Jelly” was a leftfield MTV hit, the Lips opened for mysterious upstart grunge-metallers Tool across this intersection at the now-scuttled State Palace Theater. Though the other, heavier, more angsty n’ atmospheric opener, Failure, sorta stole the show from the goofy Lips. At their Saenger debut they’ll be performing the LP Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, which polarized longtime fans with its poppy, slick, electronic-tinged sound. They streamed the album for free on their website when it came out, an unusual thing to do at the time, so everyone heard it & had hot takes about it. “Released in July 2002, Yoshimi remains the commercial high-water mark in The Flaming Lips’ wild four-decade journey, giving the GRAMMY® award-winners their first RIAA certified Gold Record. As the eagerly awaited follow-up to 1999’s masterwork, The Soft Bulletin, Yoshimi proved that singer/guitarist Wayne Coyne and multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd had yet another masterpiece in them. Yoshimi is a sci-fi-themed quasi-concept album that cast The Flaming Lips’ most playful and profound songs to date in a wondrous swirl of ambient electronics, digital beats, and psychedelic splendor. The record yielded the band’s top-streamed track, ‘Do You Realize??’ (a timeless stargazing anthem that, in 2009, was named the Official Rock Song of the band’s native Oklahoma) and also landed the Lips their first-ever Grammy Award® win for the cosmic album-closing instrumental ‘Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon (Utopia Planitia).’” When the Lips performed the Yoshimi LP in Austin (11/8/23), they followed it with almost 2 more hours of songs, sans opening act. (See review at thecosmicclash.com). No opener has been announced for this NOLA show as of December. Flyer: twimg.com/media/F_8iFXEWAAAJBJi.jpg
Thursday, April 25
Trout Fishing in America | Patrick Cooper
Thursday, April 25. Red Dragon Listening Room (2401 Florida Street, Baton Rouge).
Trout Fishing in America is Long-running humorous Houston folk duo (heights: 6’9” & 5’4”) named after the strange Richard Brautigan novel. They’ve played at Jazz Fest several times. Sort of a less- (or more-) corny version of They Might Be Giants. Both duos have many songs for kids, but are not exactly in Raffi territory in that regard.
Silver Synthetic | Esther Rose | The Whip Appeal
Thursday, April 25. Siberia. 8PM. $15.
Saturday, May 11
Echo And the Bunnymen
Saturday, May 11. The Joy Theater. 7PM.
The mop-topped core duo of Ian & Will plus hired guns do a show of strength on the “Songs To Learn And Sing Tour.” Yes, this tour is kinda pathetically named after the best-of compilation LP they put out in 1985. Evidently only their 3rd Louisiana concert ever (8/28/84 on Riverboat President during the World’s Fair; 5/15/88 at Tulane’s McAlister Auditorium). Ticketmaster’s brilliantly sadistic new “dynamic pricing” algorithm has already jacked up general floor tickets to $125 in mid-December, so this is evidently close to selling out. Word has it they’ll also be playing at Blue Bayou water park so they can break on through to the other slide. (Context: Comparisons to American rock act the Doors have dogged these Liverpudlians for their whole career.)
Sunday, May 19
Taking Back Sunday | Citizen
Sunday, May 19. The Fillmore (6 Canal Street). 8PM. $53+.
Wednesday, September 18
Buzz “King Buzzo” Osborne | Trevor Dunn | Jeff “JD” Pinkus
Wednesday, September 18. The Varsity. 8PM. $29.50.
KB: Melvins, Fecal Matter, Fantômas, etc. TD: Mr. Bungle, John Zorn groups, Fantômas, Secret Chiefs 3, Trio-Convulsant, Melvins Lite, Tomahawk, etc. JDP: Butthole Surfers, Daddy Longhead, Honky, Areola 51, Melvins, etc. Experience bits and pieces of all the bands you once warned yourself about! Reminiscent of the mind-boggling Fantômas (Buzzo, Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo, Dunn) + Trio-Convulsant (Dunn, Mary Halvorson, Ches Smith) concert at HøB on 4/5/05. But this one will likely be less conceptually brutal and more sludgy / grungy / metallic. There will almost surely be Melvins chestnuts bandied about, just like our ancestors did with John Denver & Joni songs around the campfire. No opening act mentioned as of early Feb., unless it’s Pinkus doing his banjocore thing solo. Flyer: blocktickets-development.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/448824e1bd3199b58f5106e70631d833.png