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New Orleans Area DIY Events and Shows

Last Updated June 16, 5:45 PM :: This list is an events calendar of [loosely] DIY activities in New Orleans.  This calendar includes music shows, independent theater, activist and other types of meetings, etc. You will not find a listing for the House of Blues.  The only way we can keep this list accurate and up-to-date is if you keep us informed.  We can't spend every waking hour searching the internet and looking for flyers.  Tell us what's going on! Submit your show to get it listed.

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Saturday, July 2
Cheekface | Guppy
Saturday, July 2. Gasa Gasa. 8PM.
Sunday, July 3
Pure Mutt | Little Death | Yumi So Cute | Sexy Dex and The Fresh | Kawaii AF
Sunday, July 3. Gasa Gasa. 7:30PM. $10/$15.
Punk Black Fest.
Wednesday, July 13
Happy Landing
Wednesday, July 13. Gasa Gasa. 8PM.
Friday, July 15
Vision Video | Blood Lemon
Friday, July 15. Gasa Gasa. 8PM.
Saturday, July 16
Steve Von Till | Helen Money
Saturday, July 16. Gasa Gasa. 8PM.
Tuesday, July 19
Shawn James | Gravedancer
Tuesday, July 19. Gasa Gasa. 8PM.
Thursday, July 21
Slim KuttaR | Jay Rick$ | $Lim Morri$On
Thursday, July 21. Gasa Gasa. 8PM.
Saturday, July 23
Danny G & Michael Wavves
Saturday, July 23. Gasa Gasa. 8PM.
Sunday, July 24
Weatherday | Michael Cera Palin | Oolong
Sunday, July 24. Gasa Gasa. 7:30PM.
Tuesday, July 26
Tuesday, July 26. Gasa Gasa. 8PM.
Thursday, July 28
Standards | Glacier Veins
Thursday, July 28. Gasa Gasa. 8PM.
Tuesday, August 9
Teenage Halloween | Nana Grizol | Pope
Tuesday, August 9. Gasa Gasa. 8PM. $15.
Thursday, August 11
Urban Heat | Sailem | Plomo
Thursday, August 11. Gasa Gasa. 8PM. $12/$15.
Saturday, August 13
Butte | Beams | Slow Rosary
Saturday, August 13. Gasa Gasa. 8PM. $10.
Monday, August 15
Waltzer | Lady Dan | Sarah Burke | Eva LoVullo
Monday, August 15. Gasa Gasa. 8PM. $10.
Saturday, August 20
Black and Black Indigenous Healing and Building Circle
Saturday, August 20. Andre Cailloux Center (2451 Bayou Road). 7PM. FREE.
Through their works, this community-member based cohort of Black and Black and Indigenous artists and makers explore (1) new decolonized pathways for climate justice thinking and creative actions, (2) participate in restorative practices, shared leadership and solidarity-focused building, and (3) create a historic and present day archive and exhibition of works that represent a new system of creativity while engaging in a personal creative practice. This project has been generously supported through National Performance Networks Southern Artists for Social Change Grant Program.
Monday, August 22
Tonstartssbandht | Primpce
Monday, August 22. Gasa Gasa. 8PM. $12/$15.
Monday, August 29
Flasher | Stef Chura
Monday, August 29. Gasa Gasa. 8PM. $15.
Tuesday, September 6
Tuesday, September 6. Gasa Gasa. 8PM. $15.
An Evening With WAND and Guests with visuals by Mad Alchemist.
Thursday, September 15
Solar Fake | Matte Blvck | The Palace of Tears
Thursday, September 15. Gasa Gasa. 8PM.
Monday, September 19
Shadowgraphs | Student Driver | Whisper Party!
Monday, September 19. Gasa Gasa. 8PM.
Sunday, September 25
King Buffalo | Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol
Sunday, September 25. Gasa Gasa. 8PM. $15.
Tuesday, October 4
Slothrust | Weakened Friends
Tuesday, October 4. Gasa Gasa. 8PM.
Sunday, October 9
Minuit Machine | Panterah | L
Sunday, October 9. Gasa Gasa. 8PM. $12/$15.
Sunday, October 16
Melvins | We Are The Asteroid
Sunday, October 16. Chelsea’s Live. 7PM. $25.
“Five Legged Tour.”
Tuesday, November 1
The Legendary Pink Dots | Orbit Service
Tuesday, November 1. Gasa Gasa. 8PM.