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Last Updated July 17, 1:31 PM :: This list is an events calendar of [loosely] DIY activities in New Orleans.  This calendar includes music shows, independent theater, activist and other types of meetings, etc. You will not find a listing for the House of Blues.  The only way we can keep this list accurate and up-to-date is if you keep us informed.  We can't spend every waking hour searching the internet and looking for flyers.  Tell us what's going on! Submit your show to get it listed.

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Thursday, July 18
Goatwhore | Hawg Jaw | Herakleion | Cemetary Frost | So Awful
Thursday, July 18. Hi-Ho Lounge. 8PM.
Friday, July 19
Robbery Recovery with Paul Sanchez | Whisper Party! | Midriff | Andrew Duhon | Mahmoud Chouki | Mars and Other Planets
Friday, July 19. Carrollton Station. 2PM (carwash), 4PM (music & comedy). FREE; donations encouraged.
Fundraiser to Support Carrollton Station. “Bar Opens at Noon / Carwash 2p - 6p / Music 4p - 12a. Come out and support our wonderful neighborhood institution as we continue to recover from the burglary of our bar on June 24th, 2024. Donations encouraged, but not required to come and enjoy a full day celebrating our neighborhood and bar and raising awareness of crime in our beloved city.” “Car wash-off” by the Crescent City Blues Rugby Club; food by Bertie’s Intergalactic Diner. Band start times: https://www.wwoz.org/events/1082541 (Seems to be headliners playing first.) https://www.gofundme.com/f/crime-aid-support-for-carrollton-station
Tits Out | The Pallbearers | The Oxys | Parasiticide | The Nancies | Nein | Teratoma | Dirt Rotten Snake in the Grass | Dead Spies
Friday, July 19. Parisite DIY Skatepark (1606 Pleasure Street). 6PM.
Creepy Fest 2024.
Saturday, July 20
Hazy Sky | The Bloomies | Night Medicine
Saturday, July 20. Carrollton Station. 9PM. $10.
Nest | Kill 'Em Y'all | Killer Hearts | Flender | Reagan Era Rejects | Slab
Saturday, July 20. Holy Diver (1200 St. Bernard Avenue). 6PM.
Creepy Fest 2024.
Vomit Spots | Torture Garden | Ossacrux | Morbid Torment | What a Waste | Tuff Luvs
Saturday, July 20. Poor Boys. 6PM.
Creepy Fest 2024.
New Orleans International Piano Competition
Saturday, July 20. Roussel Performance Hall (Loyola University, 6363 Saint Charles Avenue). 2PM.
The final round. Preliminary rounds occur nightly here at 7 PM on July 15 - 18.
Hellfury | The Split () Lips | Future Hate | Stgma | Terminal Tongue | Shidded
Saturday, July 20. The Goat (1301 St. Bernard Avenue). 6PM.
Creepy Fest 2024.
Very Cherry | DJ Back Sweat
Saturday, July 20. The Rabbit Hole (1228 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.). 8PM. FREE.
Billed as Swamp Ass Fest, but there’s only one known live band. “Stop by early for Grillin' and Chillin' and stay for the show!” Presented by Dirty Coast. Flyer: https://static.tixr.com/static/images/external/img/23b9b799-cf7a-40b8-bae4-5e06468bac07.jpg
Sunday, July 21
The Chodes | Ese | The Bills | Dummy Dumpster | The Abusements | Diplocrats
Sunday, July 21. Checkpoint Charlie's. 7PM.
Creepy Fest 2024.
Deadsled Funeral Co. | Garguts | Suplecs | The Unnaturals | Cursh Diamond | High Black River
Sunday, July 21. Santos (1135 Decatur Street). 7PM.
Creepy Fest 2024.
Plant Swap ‘n Sale
Sunday, July 21. Zony Mash Beer Project (3940 Thalia Street). 12PM-4PM.
With Ninth Ward Nursery.
Wednesday, July 24
Big Scary Indian | Action Lady | Crush Diamond
Wednesday, July 24. Saturn Bar. 8PM. $5.
Thursday, July 25
Fudosa [f.k.a. Katarak Attack] | The BOMB Pulse | Collection | Rare Seed
Thursday, July 25. Okay Bar (1700 Port Street). 8PM.
Friday, July 26
Phantum Sun | Blood Show | Hollow Outcomes
Friday, July 26. Artmosphere. 8PM. $10.
“Witness a night of Alt-Rock and Heavy Metal.” Hollow Outcomes’ debut show. Flyer: https://allevents.in/mobile/amp-event.php?event_id=200026618436622
R. Scully & Whip Appeal | The Tangle
Friday, July 26. BJ’s (4301 Burgundy Street). 9PM.
Not My Real Job | Fudosa [f.k.a. Katarak Attack] | Big Scary Indian | Doggish
Friday, July 26. Midcity Ballroom. 8PM (doors). $10 (door).
Psychic Summer fest (day 1 of 3). Zany local indie rock along w/ out-of-staters Fudosa (Albuquerque) & BSI (NYC). The next day is also here at MCB, but day 3 is at somewhere called Spice House or Secret Spice House - “Ask a punk!” Flyer: https://bontempstix.com/events/726-727-psychic-summer-2-for-1-bundle-7-26-2024
Saturday, July 27
The Body & Dis Fig | Cel Genesis | Big Garden
Saturday, July 27. Chelsea’s Live (1010 Nicholson Drive, Baton Rouge). 8PM. $15 (advance).
Flyer & description: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=763536492553176
Sunday, July 28
The Body & Dis Fig | Cel Genesis | Thou | Nail Club
Sunday, July 28. The Broadside (600 N. Broad Street). 7PM. $20.
A night of experimental electronic music plus some ding dongs from Baton Rouge/Metairie/Nashville. Small room, so this will probably be packed! Get your cheaper, advance tickets here.
Monday, July 29
Sparta | Baby in The 90s
Monday, July 29. Chelsea’s Live (1010 Nicholson Drive, Baton Rouge). 8 PM. $25 (advance), $30 (door).
The emotive yet bleak TX post-hardcore popsters return, with two classic Aughties lineup members. The local opener is “a four piece indie rock band that capitalizes on the endless possibilities for changes in dynamics and timing.” Flyer: https://www.instagram.com/p/C8fEIZrRVfX
Wednesday, July 31
Iron And Wine | Rosali
Wednesday, July 31. The Orpheum. 8PM. $39 - $105.75.
Flyer: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=927766125808015
Friday, August 2
Zao | Capra | Frail Body | Decoy
Friday, August 2. Midcity Ballroom. 7:30PM. $15.
Metal? In MY hardcore? Founded in ’93, Zao has no original members, but its core duo has been intact since ‘99. Zao toured with Capra as an opening act last September, incl. a scheduled show in NOLA on 9/29/23, but that leg fell through for unknown reasons, so C ended up headlining the NOLA date. I guess this show is sort of a make-up for that. Tour poster: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=978670473616367
Sunday, August 4
Obscuress | MJ Guider | Dylan Burchett and Hal Lambert
Sunday, August 4. Midcity Ballroom. 7PM. $10.
Obscuress is Christina Carter and Spencer Dobbs. Christina plays in Charalambides with Tom Carter, Scorces with Heather Leigh Murray, and has a formidable body of solo work accentuating her powerful voice. Dobbs runs the Texas Archives imprint. MJ Guider (ambient / drone) from New Orleans and Dylan Burchett and Hal Lambert (drone / drone) provide support.
Thursday, August 8
Torture | Lie | SwampGrave | Pale Misery
Thursday, August 8. Mid City Ballroom (136 S. Acadian Thruway, Baton Rouge, LA 70806). 8PM. $20. Booking
TORTURE is an up and coming slam / death metal band from the suburbs of Chicago that is taking the internet by storm, LIE is a Houston based hardcore band that's bringing the pain, SWAMPGRAVE is THE best current Baton Rouge death metal band right now that's raising hell and praising Dale, PALE MISERY is some punishing black metal straight out of Lafayette.
Wednesday, August 14
Anti-Sapien | Perpetual Warfare | Coffinwolf Ultra | Chesticle
Wednesday, August 14. The Goat (1301 St. Bernard Avenue). 9PM. $10. Booking
Brooklyn punky death riffers ANTI-SAPIEN come back to New Orleans on their North American tour with Colombian pointy guitar speed thrashers PERPETUAL WARFARE- local support from anarcho alt punks COFFINWOLF ULTRA and CHESTICLE.
Thursday, August 22
Cults | Bnny
Thursday, August 22. Chelsea’s Live (1010 Nicholson Drive). 8PM. $25 (advance), $30 (door).
Manhattan duo Cults are one of the countless major-label indie pop acts of the past few decades who release brief albums that get lukewarm reviews (usually 6 to 7.5 stars outta 10), but maintain a fanbase and just keep plugging away, because all press is good press in the entertainment world. They just sort of exist as lifestyle accoutrements, occasionally getting spins on college radio, at Starbucks, or in commercials. These bands are almost always from media hotspots NYC & L.A. Majors generally sign them not to sell a lot of units, but in order to lure future “it” bands with more commercial potential that may pop up. For example, Nirvana signed to uncool Geffen Records (Sammy Hagar, Cher, Don Henley, Wang Chung, Nelson) b/c it had recently created an “alternative” sub-label that boasted cool niche acts like Sonic Youth, the Sundays, & the Posies, all of whom Nirvana admired. (Geffen had earlier secretly created the ludicrous faux-indie label Uzi Suicide to release early, extra-sleazy Guns N’ Roses material. Later labelmates Kurt & Axl often feuded, & had a near-brawl backstage at the VMAs.) Bnny = Slow, melancholic indie pop / dreamy post-grunge from Chicago w/ the usual sleepy female vox. RIYL: Mazzy Star, Snail Mail, Acetone.
Friday, August 23
Black Flag
Friday, August 23. Southport Hall. 7:30PM. $35.
“Black Flag performs the First Four Years of their Catalog, Live at Southport Hall. The First Four Years is a compilation album by the American hardcore punk band.”
Sunday, August 25
Jane's Addiction | Love And Rockets
Sunday, August 25. The Fillmore (6 Canal Street, 2nd floor). 7PM. $230+.
The coolest alt-goth mousse-core event of… 1989? Well, both bands reportedly have their full classic ‘80s lineups intact, no small feat given the trainloads of chemicals they’ve ingested & quarrels they’ve had. Such was Jane’s’ underground following / notoriety, especially among skaters / surfers / BMXers, that they nearly sold out the 7800-seat Municipal Auditorium – a smidge under the capacity of Lakefront Arena – in ‘91 with only a few minor radio hits. (They somehow drew a thousand more people than Nirvana, with a barrage of iconic hits, drew to Lakefront Arena three years later.) A pre-fame Soul Asylum opened. Tickets were only $16.50: https://janesaddiction.org/tour/show/janes-addiction/1991-02-15/144 Since then, Ticketmaster has certainly “been caught stealing” more and more, as seen in this 2024 concert’s price. (Ticketmaster & Live Nation own all Fillmores in America.) The way to fight such price gouging is by skipping this show and living vicariously in the past.
Thursday, August 29
Whitney Willis Hebert & Reid Willis: Sediment
Thursday, August 29. Acadiana Center for the Arts (101 West Vermilion Street, Lafayette). 7:30PM. $25-35.
“‘Sediment’ is a multimedia spectacle by Whitney Willis Hebert, featuring abstract videography and live music from Reid Willis. This new performance expands on their previous collaboration ‘Mother Of - Piano Reworks.’” 7:30 - 9:30. This show also takes place here at the same time the following day. simpletix.com/e/147775
Wednesday, September 18
Buzz “King Buzzo” Osborne | Trevor Dunn | Jeff “JD” Pinkus
Wednesday, September 18. The Varsity. 8PM. $29.50.
KB: Melvins, Fecal Matter, Fantômas, etc. TD: Mr. Bungle, John Zorn groups, Fantômas, Secret Chiefs 3, Trio-Convulsant, Melvins Lite, Tomahawk, etc. JDP: Butthole Surfers, Daddy Longhead, Honky, Areola 51, Melvins, etc. Experience bits and pieces of all the bands you once warned yourself about! Reminiscent of the mind-boggling Fantômas (Buzzo, Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo, Dunn) + Trio-Convulsant (Dunn, Mary Halvorson, Ches Smith) concert at HøB on 4/5/05. But this one will likely be less conceptually brutal and more sludgy / grungy / metallic. There will almost surely be Melvins chestnuts bandied about, just like our ancestors did with John Denver & Joni songs around the campfire. No opening act mentioned as of early Feb., unless it’s Pinkus doing his banjocore thing solo. Flyer: blocktickets-development.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/448824e1bd3199b58f5106e70631d833.png
Sunday, September 22
Cat Power
Sunday, September 22. Civic Theatre. 8PM. $55 - $225.
"Cat Power sings Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert." All Bob covers; 7 acoustic songs followed by 8 electric ones. Make sure to shout “Judas!” at her at just the right moment. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat_Power_Sings_Dylan:_The_1966_Royal_Albert_Hall_Concert A rare chance to see the mercurial, honey-voiced Chan “Cat Power” Marshall in the Pelican State. Her previous known gigs have been: Ca. June ‘97 @ the Mermaid Lounge (now The Rusty Nail). Apparently the opening act, Two Dollar Guitar (feat. Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley) doubled as her backing band on this tour. She reportedly had one of her then-frequent nervous breakdowns, at one point reading the newspaper aloud to the paltry crowd in this non-air-conditioned dive club with her back turned to them. She covered Dylan’s “Moonshiner” back in these days. Sep. ‘98 @ The Bayou in Baton Rouge (which burned down in ‘03 & is now City Slice Pizza). Apparently the Georgia band Smoke opened; she’s from that state. March ‘03 @ The Howlin’ Wolf (now Republic). Her highest-profile era, around the time she played on Letterman (introduced by Paul Shaffer as “Cat Powers!”) & was on the cover of three or four major music mags simultaneously. Reports were that this was just as disastrous as her ‘97 show blocks away at the Mermaid. Local indie pop singer Blair opened. Sep. ‘04 @ HOB Parish. Read about her alarmingly bizarre antics at https://odetochan.forumgratuit.org/t203-9-20-04-new-orleans-la-the-parish-at-the-house-of-blues. Entrance (Guy Blakeslee of psych rockers The Convocation Of…) opened, solo, & played some guitar for her. But she mostly played solo on guitar & piano, stopping & restarting various songs, apologizing, saying she wanted someone to kill her, etc. Dec. ‘13 @ HOB. She seemed more comfortable playing live (in her R&B era), & wore a black Wu-Tang Clan tee. But her strange issues persisted: http://afteriwasdead.blogspot.com/2013/12/are-you-mad-at-me.html. Nico Turner opened. The moral is: You never know what to expect at a Cat Power concert, even at one like this with a pre-planned setlist. Flyer: https://facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1007569244271722
Wednesday, September 25
Dinosaur Jr.
Wednesday, September 25. Tipitina's. 8:30PM. $35 (advance).
“In the decades since the release of Dinosaur Jr.'s original triptych of foundational albums, it has become clear that their sound -- once hailed as a sort of almost-tamed noise -- is/was/always-has-been fully functioning pop music of a sort. The subsequent generations of bands who grew up breathing Dino's fumes managed to tinker around with the edges of their original post-hardcore song-forms enough for listeners to realize there had always been melodies at the center of everything they did. What Dinosaur Jr. produces is nothing but a beautiful new version of the rock continuum -- riff, power, beat and longing, created with an eye on the infinite future.” Opener TBA. Relive their first(?) deafening NOLA visit at https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/dinosaur-jr/1989/jimmys-new-orleans-la-3bdd8c34.html. Flyer: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=996290591865121
Sunday, September 29
Upon a Burning Body | Wasted
Sunday, September 29. Southport Hall. 7PM. $18 (advance), $22 (door).
San Antonio x-treme groove thrash metal, highly & unabashedly influenced by statemates Pantera, as seen in song titles like “Built From War” (like “Mouth For War”), “Southern Hostility” (like “The Great Southern Trendkill” x “Fucking Hostile”), “Reinventing Hatred” (like “Reinventing the Steel”), “Humbling My Skin” (like “Shedding Skin”), etc. Huh-huh, Beavis… Wasted = “PUSSY POPPIN DEATHCORE FROM THE 504.”
Friday, October 4
Johnny Marr | James
Friday, October 4. Fillmore (6 Canal Street). 8PM. $79.50 - $234.80.
Some concert prices are bigger than others… This will evidently only be the jangle guitar maestro’s third time setting black boot in Louisiana since https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-smiths/1986/mcalister-auditorium-tulane-university-new-orleans-la-2bd7d42e.html, along with two appearances as a member of Modest Mouse at HØB in ‘07. Actually, he might’ve played here as a member of The The from ‘88-‘94, but it’s impossible to look up that band’s name on that setlist site. James, also hard to look up online, are best known for their cheeky ‘93 hit “Laid.”
Tuesday, October 15
Glass Beams
Tuesday, October 15. The Joy Theater. 8PM. $25+ (advance).
“Glass Beams, the enigmatic Melbourne-based band, draws inspiration from their Indian heritage, infusing their serpentine psychedelia with cosmic instrumentation and worldly polyrhythms. We may not know much about the enigmatic Glass Beams but [LP] Mirage is one epic inauguration, leaving the listener with more questions than answers.” The trio performs their meandering, mostly-instrumental musik in bejeweled masks with no evident eyeholes. This is their first Louisiana concert. They’re a word-of-mouth sensation with 800k Instagram followers despite having never been reviewed, or even mentioned by, onetime hipster barometer Pitch4k. Opening act TBA. Check out the terrific pyramidal graphic design of the rockers’ logo on the flyer: https://facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=761388179522420
Wednesday, October 23
Opeth | Tribulation
Wednesday, October 23. The Fillmore (6 Canal Street). 7:30PM. $71+.
Two Swedish metal acts. The headliners went from standard growly death metal to more pretentious & proggy fare a few decades ago, as one witnessed at their debut Louisiana gig a few blocks away in May ‘03. They boast none of their original members, but their singer has been with them since ‘92. To put that in perspective, that’s when MTV’s The Real World debuted and (the next day) Johnny Carson retired. The openers began as the usual Swedish death / black metal, but now incorporate a more groove-oriented gothic metal thing.