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Last Updated April 12, 8:33 AM :: This list is an events calendar of [loosely] DIY activities in New Orleans.  This calendar includes music shows, independent theater, activist and other types of meetings, etc. You will not find a listing for the House of Blues.  The only way we can keep this list accurate and up-to-date is if you keep us informed.  We can't spend every waking hour searching the internet and looking for flyers.  Tell us what's going on! Submit your show to get it listed.

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Friday, April 12
Drosera | Social Security | So Awful | Fucked in the Head
Friday, April 12. Fred Hampton Free Store (5523 St Claude Avenue). 9PM. $10.
Drosera (metalcore) and Social Security (powerviolence) are on tour from Florida. So Awful is NOLA thrash/hardcore with members/ex-members of A Hanging, Shitload and Spickle. FITH is New Orleans thrash punk grunge.
Michale Graves
Friday, April 12. Freetown Boom Boom Room (300 McKinley Street, Lafayette). 8PM. $15.
“MICHAEL GRAVES - ONE MAN ROADSHOW TOUR. An Acoustic/Spoken Word Performance By The One & Only MICHAEL GRAVES, former frontman of The Misfits.” Note that the club misspelled his name. Flyer: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=973071611490797
Holy Worm | Foilsick | Radians
Friday, April 12. Intracoastal Club (8448 Main Street, Houma). 10PM. $10.
Holy Worm is Houston solo (someone named Jordan) weird, slicey-dicey mid-‘90s-style electronic à la Photek, Aphex Twin, & NOLA’s own Squab Teen / Neutral (both a.k.a. Nicole Elmer). Foilsick is Reno screamo trio in lowercase; “emotional music from the biggest little city.” They apparently only have a 10-minute demo EP out – thoughtfully released for lovers mere months ago on Valentine’s Day! – but it smokes fools. Radians are NOLA (formerly Houma?) synthwave power jams. In the conversation for the best electronic music ever from this state. Instaz: holyworm, notfoilsick, radi.anz. Nice flyer: facebook.com/events/329903573000666 (click image if you can’t see it full size).
The Velcro Pygmies
Friday, April 12. Mid-City Lanes Rock 'n' Bowl (3016 S. Carrollton Avenue). 8:30PM.
“This is the Rock you’ve been looking for,” their Facebook page announces. That is, if you’ve been seeking parodic ‘80s hair rock with a side of wholesome semi-sleaze. velcropygmies.com more specifically states “The Velcro Pygmies are the greatest rock n roll force for freedom ever assembled in the history of the world.”
Jean Claude Seagal | Drug Money | Pink See Through Fantasia
Friday, April 12. Midcity Ballroom. 8PM. $10.
Jean Claude Seagal is a Watson, LA grungy trio since 2024; all members were in the B.R.-area band Minus One. “With potent lyrics combined with a smooth delivery and just the right amount of grunge fuzz, these guys are emerging as a continuation of the alt/grunge sound of the 90s.” (- mixedaltmag.com/news-9/jean-claude-seagal%3A-a-new-journey-through-alternative-rock). Pink See Through Fantasia are Baton Rouge dream poppers named after a type of jellyfish. They rarely play live, so all 14 dream pop fans in B.R. need to holla back (show up). Flyer: amazonaws.com/geotix-production-uploads/uploads/bb7394c8-47c1-496f-a189-36a199d96870.jpg
The Electric Nature | Magic Tuber String Band | Goddess Complex | Shining Fields
Friday, April 12. Mudlark Theatre. 8PM. $10.
A night of drone, psychedelic improv, experimental electronics, and primitive string music. The Electric Nature (Already Dead Tapes) is on tour from Athens GA and MTSB from Durham. NOTAFLOF always
Concrete Confetti | The Tomb of Nick Cage
Friday, April 12. Pour House (3501 Jefferson Highway, Jefferson). 9PM.
Blood & Earl | Brethren Hogg | 6-10 Split | Dremm
Friday, April 12. Santos Bar. 10PM. $10.
Helen Gillet | Dusky Waters | T Marie & Bayou Juju
Friday, April 12. Saturn Bar. 9PM.
Saturday, April 13
Lisbon Girls | Aubrey Jane | Autumn Dominguez
Saturday, April 13. DMac’s (542 Norman C. Francis Parkway). 8PM-11PM. $10.
Lisbon Girls is NOLA Spanish-language synth pop / chillwave / dream pop. Aubrey Jane is “Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Aubrey Jane knows a thing or two about a broken heart. In a harmonic convergence of bewitching vocals and visceral lyricism, Jane refuses to be defined, experimenting in everything from dream pop to indie folk to hard rock.”
Kota Dosa | Newsance | Low Hanging Fruit | New Salem | Brax
Saturday, April 13. El Cucuy. 7PM. FREE.
Thou | Terminal Tongue | Tweakhoney
Saturday, April 13. Fred Hampton Free Store (5523 St Claude Avenue). 7PM-10PM.
Punk night for Palestine, all proceeds to the fight for liberation from the River to the Sea. Speakers from NOSHIP and other Palestinian solidarity groups.
RUBARB Community Bike Shop Annual Fundraiser
Saturday, April 13. Happyland Theater (3126 Burgundy Street). 7PM. $10 adults. Kids FREE.
Puppet show, live and silent auction, music!
The Electric Nature | Shining Fields | Hal Lambert & Mitchell Mobley
Saturday, April 13. Midcity Ballroom. 8PM. $10.
Puzzling darque ambient / post-shoegaze / drone / noizescape type bands for the restless youth who reject every single other genre. TEN are on the prolific experimental label Illuminated Paths. See their jarring “Alienation 1” music vid @ vimeo.com/134213551 if Aube’s “Low Spin Drift” vid (‘93) didn’t do it for you. Flyer: s3.amazonaws.com/geotix-production-uploads/uploads/4a89e56d-3a74-4c26-aa93-4797523105a8.jpg
Vorhex Angel | Nonlethal Weapons | Island Queen Satans Flower
Saturday, April 13. Mudlark Theatre. 7PM.
Vorhex Angel: First show for new band including members of Jeff the Brotherhood, Silver Synthetic, and D. Sablu. Nonlethal Weapons: noise, electronic, freaky. ISLAND QUEEN SATANS FLOWER: solo, sample based ambient improvisations. Flyer: https://tinyurl.com/vorhex
New Orleans Community Printshop Group Show
Saturday, April 13. Paper Machine Studio and Gallery ( 6330 St Claude Avenue). 6PM-10PM. FREE.
Neutral Snap | Gold Steps | Dana Ives
Saturday, April 13. The Rabbit Hole (1228 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd). 7PM.
Summer Like the Season | Killer Whale
Saturday, April 13. Wolf Den (at the Howlin Wolf). 8PM. $10.
This show was announced back in like November, so hopefully some folks will show up. Summer Like the Season is Detroit oddball art pop. Summer is the endearingly kooky n’ mischievous singer / drummer / guitarist’s name. Bandcamp review: “Very interesting avant-garde electronic/rock hybrid that I feel is uncommon and forward-thinking.” Their music vids suitably involve things like an outfit made of Post-It notes, a turtle finding Turtle Paradise, etc. Tour poster: instagram.com/summerliketheseasonmusic/p/C3aZAOsL-W- (those dashes are part of the URL, not the Weezer logo, which uses equals symbols: weezerpedia.com/wiki/Flying_=W=). Killer Whale is San Fran / NOLA somnambulant retro chillout pop that “lets you be comfortable in embracing your new you, your new dance….your new day.”
Monday, April 15
Ramones cover band | Paprika | Big Smile
Monday, April 15. Holy Diver (1200 St. Bernard Avenue). 8PM. $8-15.
Trystereo benefit.
Infant Island | We do not Belong Here | Phallic Laceration
Monday, April 15. Midcity Ballroom. 8PM. $10.
Infant Island are Fredericksburg, VA artsy post-hardcore / screamo-ers. “Screamo with a sense of urgency that calls on big shoegazey guitar melodies to channel its chaos.” You may’ve seen them in NOLA 2 years & a day ago (4/14/22) opening for glumgazers Greet Death (facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=297782922350075). RIYL: very early (“Rising Blood,” “Kandy Korn Rituals”-era) Unwound, Lync, Bare Minimum. But IA are heavier. Two local units open. We do not Belong Here are Hammond “blackened screamo” of unreal metallic intensity. Phallic Laceration are Baton Rouge beatdown hardcore meets grindy death metal. Flyer: https://s3.amazonaws.com/geotix-production-uploads/uploads/7683255d-3a05-4525-b863-7e17954c6b14.jpg
Tuesday, April 16
Hunter Diamond, Helen Gillet, James Singletone, Justin Peake
Tuesday, April 16. Café Istanbul. 8PM. $15.
Hunter Diamond is a Chicago-based woodwind and sound artist who presents composed, improvised, and conceptual performances. Hunter Diamond (saxophone, compositions), Helen Gillet (cello), James Singletone (bass), Justin Peake (drums).
Wednesday, April 17
Hunter Diamond, Helen Gillet, James Singleton & Justin Peake
Wednesday, April 17. The Zeitgeist. 7:30PM.
“HUNTER DIAMOND (woodwind sound artist from Chicago) with HELEN GILLET (cello), JAMES SINGLETON (bass) and Justin Peake (percussion & electronica).” Not sure why the club didn’t capitalize Justin Peake’s name there. They’ve “othered” him. Ask them about it before deciding if you want to slap down your clams to see these wacky improvisers doing their crazy thing on zany instruments.
Thursday, April 18
Nixil | Tortuous | Fucked in the Head
Thursday, April 18. The Goat (1301 St. Bernard Avenue). 8PM.
Friday, April 19
The Light Set | Ellie Talks Too Much
Friday, April 19. Okay Bar (1700 Port Street). 8PM.
The Light Set are NOLA chamber pop.
Saxsquatch | Knob Ross
Friday, April 19. Republic. 11PM. $20.
“Be Whatever You Believe In!” Yes, this is the guy who has achieved a few sub-viral hits by playing covers of iconic soft pop songs on sax while wearing a Bigfoot costume. This is the logical extension of punk rock. You wouldn’t understand. Flyer: https://republicnola.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/4_19-New-Orleans-11x17-1.jpg
Anareta | Slowhole | Chris Christy Quintet
Friday, April 19. Siberia. 9PM. FREE.
Slowhole is currently the best band in New Orleans.
Adam Ant | The English Beat
Friday, April 19. The Fillmore (6 Canal Street). 8PM. $53 - $294.
Friday, April 19. The Rabbit Hole (1228 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.). 7PM. $15.
NOLA spaced-out jam / prog band (sorry… “Exploratory Rock & Futurismic Groove Art Project”) w/ possible Iceman Special connections drops Aboard The Good Ship LP. 7-11 PM, so presumably expect some other kooky acts. Flyer: tixr.com/groups/rabbitholenola/events/zoomst-album-release-party-100149
Jess Joy | Little Mazarn | Golden Ours
Friday, April 19. Tyler Scurlock's.
House show.
Saturday, April 20
The Main Squeeze | J & The Causeways | Mapache | Easy Honey | Iko Allstars | Vale Ulb | Roots of Music | The Lowerline
Saturday, April 20. Berger Family Lawn at Tulane University (29 McAlister Drive). 11AM. $20, FREE (Tulane students).
Easy Honey: “The Charleston based (originating from Sewanee, TN) indie rock group infuses its singer-songwriter folk roots with an original blend of East Coast surf-rock.” Flyer: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=929484659179880
Pepperwood | Magic Crawfish | The Debtors
Saturday, April 20. Blue Moon Saloon (215 East Convent Street).
Sick Ride | High Horse
Saturday, April 20. The Feed & Seed. 9:30PM. $10.
The duo Sick Ride release their LP Lovers’ Ballroom. Flyer: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=917505977049724
Bozo Red | Mind Kontrol | Pauldron | Sunscxpe
Saturday, April 20. Midcity Ballroom. 8:30PM. $10.
Bozo Red is strange yelpy noise rock trio with one of those cool Höfner basses that Paul McCartney made famous. (They resemble big violins.) A few live YouTube clips of them at this very club are all one can really go by. Are their name & initials an homage to this city? One would hazard a guess that the other acts are in a difficult indie rock / noise rock vein as well, sure to disappoint mellow stoner hippies showing up on this particular day of the year. Flyer: bontempstix.com/events/bozo-red-mind-kontrol-pauldron-sunscxpe-4-20-2024
Garguts | 610-Split | Bullshit Machine | The Nancies | Doctors | Joystick | Bring a Gun | Yam | Panama Papers | Tweakhoney | Reddix-Young | Dremm | Ded Debbie
Saturday, April 20. Parisite DIY Skatepark (1606 Pleasure Street). 2PM.
Witch Burial | Grasping at the Shadow | From Misery to Malice | Kamikaze Zombie | Chesticle | Gatsu
Saturday, April 20. Siberia. 7:30PM. $10.
NOLA 4/20 Metal Fest. Tickets available at rebrand.ly/nola420
Sunday, April 21
Swans | Kristof Hahn
Sunday, April 21. Civic Theatre. 8PM. $30 (general), $75.
No more Norman, Parsons, Jarboe, Rieflin, Thor, etc., but Michael Gira soldiers on as Swans, still one of the bleakest & most alarming words in underground anti-rock after 4 decades. “Swans is now comprised of a revolving cast of musicians, selected for both their musical and personal character, chosen according to what I intuit best suits the atmosphere in which I’d like to see the songs I’ve written presented.” A good introduction to their music up to ‘95: trouserpress.com/reviews/swans. “Swans trudge through dragging tempos, 2/2 meters and low frequency mush, all the while howling about alienation and despair. Listening to their records isn’t like banging your head against a wall; it’s like banging your head against the side of a swimming pool — underwater.” Local metal band A Hanging was presumably named after the early Swans dirge. Gira & co. no longer play hits like “Raping A Slave” & “Money Is Flesh.” In fact, they apparently only play very recent stuff, from the meditative neofolk-y LPs The Beggar and Leaving Meaning, so check out some recent Swans gigs on setlist.fm to make sure you’re okay with this. KH has done time in Legendary Golden Vampires, Swans, Koolkings (w/ former Tremé resident Alex Chilton), Angels Of Light (w/ Gira), Les Hommes Sauvages, Pere Ubu, etc.
Monday, April 22
New Fools | Financial Collapse | Frances Chang | Make Your Maze
Monday, April 22. The Goat (1301 St. Bernard Avenue). 9PM. $10.
New Fools and Make Your Maze are NOLA lo-fi indie mumblepop. Flyer: facebook.com/events/1322132595131382
Wednesday, April 24
The Flaming Lips
Wednesday, April 24. Saenger Theatre (1111 Canal Street). 8PM. $39.50 - $89.50.
30 years ago (4/19/94), while “She Don’t Use Jelly” was a leftfield MTV hit, the Lips opened for mysterious upstart grunge-metallers Tool across this intersection at the now-scuttled State Palace Theater. Though the other, heavier, more angsty n’ atmospheric opener, Failure, sorta stole the show from the goofy Lips. At their Saenger debut they’ll be performing the LP Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, which polarized longtime fans with its poppy, slick, electronic-tinged sound. They streamed the album for free on their website when it came out, an unusual thing to do at the time, so everyone heard it & had hot takes about it. “Released in July 2002, Yoshimi remains the commercial high-water mark in The Flaming Lips’ wild four-decade journey, giving the GRAMMY® award-winners their first RIAA certified Gold Record. As the eagerly awaited follow-up to 1999’s masterwork, The Soft Bulletin, Yoshimi proved that singer/guitarist Wayne Coyne and multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd had yet another masterpiece in them. Yoshimi is a sci-fi-themed quasi-concept album that cast The Flaming Lips’ most playful and profound songs to date in a wondrous swirl of ambient electronics, digital beats, and psychedelic splendor. The record yielded the band’s top-streamed track, ‘Do You Realize??’ (a timeless stargazing anthem that, in 2009, was named the Official Rock Song of the band’s native Oklahoma) and also landed the Lips their first-ever Grammy Award® win for the cosmic album-closing instrumental ‘Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon (Utopia Planitia).’” When the Lips performed the Yoshimi LP in Austin (11/8/23), they followed it with almost 2 more hours of songs, sans opening act. (See review at thecosmicclash.com). No opener has been announced for this NOLA show as of December. Flyer: twimg.com/media/F_8iFXEWAAAJBJi.jpg
Maylene and The Sons of Disaster | Limbs | Wasted | Shores of Acheron
Wednesday, April 24. The Varsity. 6PM. $25 (advance).
“Hotter than Florida Asphalt but twice as dirty. Cattywampus audacities delivered sonically by feral humans. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster are back from the dead. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster: stealing catalytic converters since before it was cool.” “LIMBS is a post-hardcore [make that metalcore - ed.] band from Tampa Bay. whoislimbs.com.” “Shores Of Acheron, an independent progressive deathcore band from Baton Rouge, LA, formed in 2012 and released their debut EP End Of Reign in 2013, exploring themes of governmental tyranny with intense instrumentation and guttural vocals. They gained exposure by playing on the Sumerian Records Stage at Mayhem Festival in 2013.” “Wasted is a group of musicians from South Louisiana that bring together a love for all things heavy, fast, melodic, and brutal. Together, our different influences mesh the subgenres of Deathcore, Technical Death Metal, Progressive Metal and much more to bring a mixed bag of catchy riffs, pummeling vocal flows, and intricate drumming.” Flyer: blocktickets-development.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/bc6cdfc3b61bb9b6151c35b0417b158a.png
Thursday, April 25
Mike Dillon's Punkadelic
Thursday, April 25. BJ's Lounge (4301 Burgundy Street). 9PM.
Billed as a Jazz Fest kickoff show.
The Black Jacket Symphony performs Prince's Purple Rain
Thursday, April 25. Jefferson Performing Arts Center (6400 Airline Drive, Metairie). 8PM. $42.
Purple Rain is one of the biggest-selling albums ever, and all four of its creator’s grandparents were born in Louisiana, so let’s do a brief dive into some of its shadowy aspects. Remember in this album’s opening track, the #1 hit “Let’s Go Crazy,” when Prince sang about not letting the elevator (or more specifically the “de-elevator”) bring us down? He revealed “the elevator” referred to the Devil, and “down” of course was Hell. He was allegedly found dead in, of all places, an elevator. Make sure not to take the elevator or de-elevator at this venue, especially during that song! And funnily enough, another smash from this album was about death, and was titled “I Would Die 4 U.” U is the 21st letter, and the font on the single’s cover art even makes it look like a 2 touching a 1. So the song’s title revealed in two ways “I Would Die 4 21.” The Purple One did indeed perish on 4/21. And his death happened 33 (the elites’ favorite #) years after recording it. The album itself stayed on the Billboard chart for 86 weeks; “86” is of course slang for “kill” or “eliminate.” That’s Entertainment! Still want 2 B famous, anyone? Actually, the biggest crime is that this costs more than Prince’s concert headlining the Superdome on an appropriately rainy 2/1/85. Tickets to that were $17.50. Flyer: https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/api/rest/ClientFile(510837)
Trout Fishing in America | Patrick Cooper
Thursday, April 25. Red Dragon Listening Room (2401 Florida Street, Baton Rouge).
Trout Fishing in America is Long-running humorous Houston folk duo (heights: 6’9” & 5’4”) named after the strange Richard Brautigan novel. They’ve played at Jazz Fest several times. Sort of a less- (or more-) corny version of They Might Be Giants. Both duos have many songs for kids, but are not exactly in Raffi territory in that regard.
Silver Synthetic | Esther Rose | The Whip Appeal
Thursday, April 25. Siberia. 8PM. $15.
Saturday, April 27
Shipwrecked | Better Late Than Never | Cloak & Dagger
Saturday, April 27. Midcity Ballroom. 8PM. $15.
Flyer: https://s3.amazonaws.com/geotix-production-uploads/uploads/163306cc-a82e-4138-82cc-768fd8316c84.jpg
Sunday, April 28
Frenchie Moe Acoustic Trio
Sunday, April 28. Old Arabi Lighthouse Records & Books (234 Mehle Street, Arabi). 12:30PM. FREE.
Tuesday, April 30
Dragon Smoke | Sir Woman
Tuesday, April 30. Tipitina's. 9PM. $35.
Wednesday, May 1
And Then Came Humans
Wednesday, May 1. Hi-Ho Lounge. 11PM.
And Then Came Humans | Helen Gillet + Brian Haas | Very Cherry
Wednesday, May 1. The Rabbit Hole (1228 Oretha Castle Haley). 9PM. $22 (advance).
“AN EVENING OF DUOS ft. And Then Came Humans | @andthencamehumanz. Helen Gillet + Brian Haas | @helengillet + @brianroyhaas. Very Cherry | @verycherryband.” Bring a double dose of swagger to this one, folks… in addition to two $10 bills and two $1 bills. Fun Fact: The U.S. dollar is worth about 2% of what it was worth when the Federal Reserve was founded in 1913. Jackson Square’s namesake Andrew Jackson once said his proudest accomplishment was blocking the formation of this central bank, which is neither federal nor a reserve. The famous book The Creature From Jekyll Island is probably the best source to learn about its strange & corrupt founding. (Several of its key opponents were sent down to fishworld on the Titanic! Though many believe the Titanic’s near-twin ship, the Olympic, is the one that was actually downed, in an insurance scam. An interesting rabbit hole to explore.)
Thursday, May 2
The Heavy Heavy
Thursday, May 2. Chickie Wah Wah. 11:59 PM (technically a li’l after midnight, on May 3). $25.
The Heavy Heavy are a London not-very heavy rock duo. “The Heavy Heavy create the kind of unfettered rock-and-roll that warps time and place, immediately pulling the audience into a euphoric fugue state with its own sun-soaked atmosphere. Led by lifelong musicians Will Turner and Georgie Fuller, the Brighton, UK-based band breathe an incandescent new energy into sounds from decades ago, transcending eras with a hypnotic ease.” They “write and play music with that lick of madness that makes early Fleetwood Mac and peak Stones so thrilling.” Bring grandma and peak late tonight. Flyer: https://chickiewahwah.com/calendar/#/events/93746
Night Club | Rosegarden Funeral Party | DJ Jpeg
Thursday, May 2. Santos Bar. 10PM. $25.
“Night Club is a dark electronic music duo from Los Angeles featuring Emily Kavanaugh and Mark Brooks. Rising from the inferno of heartbreak with a determination towards gentility, humility, graciousness, and kindness, Rosegarden Funeral Party takes influence from life’s tragedies and spins chaos into beauty. Leah Lane fronts the band with a voice like that of the lovechild between Morrissey and Siouxsie Sioux and her guitar playing has been compared to that of Daniel Ash.”
Bad Operation | Catbite | Coworkers
Thursday, May 2. The Broadside (600 N. Broad Street). 9PM. $20. Community Records
Hopefully by the time this show hits, Broadside will be back to all ages, double check the listing before coming by. Catbite is on tour from Philadephia. Coworkers are a local band FFO: Idles + Viagra Boys. This is a tour kick off show for BAD OP Check out catbite: https://catbite.bandcamp.com/music Also we may add one more local before this happens. It's the same night that the rolling stones play jazz festival.
Saturday, May 4
Zita | Dana Ives
Saturday, May 4. Carrollton Station. 9 PM.
Shane Solo | Wild At Heart | Stmga | Shidded | Portia
Saturday, May 4. Okay Bar (1700 Port Street). 8PM. $10.
Benefit show for Jana featuring punk and post-hardcore bands and a solo set by Shane from Kelly Duplex. Come out to help Jana and Josh Eaton with their upcoming medical expenses or consider donating at the link below: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-jana-with-her-upcoming-medical-bills
Monday, May 6
Narrow Head | Wishy | Dazy
Monday, May 6. Siberia. 9PM. $20.
Narrow Head is Houston heavy, metal-adjacent alt-shoegaze / punky post-grunge à la Failure, Swervedriver, Deftones, Nothing, Dino Jr, Superheaven, on Run For Cover Records. Their “Moments Of Clarity” music video is closing in on half a million views in only 1.5 years. “Traversing the depths of massive, churning riffs, often distorted to the point of violence, bouncing, lock-grooved rhythms, and crystalline, gorgeously constructed hooks, the Houston-based outfit puts on a masterclass in the art of writing songs that match the pain, pleasure, and confusion of modern living.” Thanks to heshers getting hip to their heaviness, they’ve been tapped to play at the massive Aftershock metal fest this fall. Wishy is Indianapolis dream pop / jangle rock w/ coed harmonizing. They grew up idolizing the likes of the Sundays & MBV, as one does. Check out the “Spinning” music vid. Dazy is Richmond somewhat irritating indie anxiety / slacker rock. They have a split single with Militarie Gun. Flyer: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=950534429917943
Friday, May 10
City and Colour | Georgia Harmer
Friday, May 10. The Joy Theater. 8PM. $40.50 - 96.75.
City and Colour are Dallas (city) Green (colo[u]r) (…get it?) of Ontario post-hardcore-ers Alexisonfire, but in a mellow mood & with a tale or two to tell. Georgia Harmer have similar vibes, but from elsewhere in Ontario. Her LP “spans everything from intimate folk and strummy country to sophisticated jazz and pop-kissed rock.”
'Don't Stand Alone': Black Labor Organizing in New Orleans
Friday, May 10. Small Center. 6PM.
Exhibit Closing Reception. https://www.nowcrj.org/dontstandalone
Sebastian Bach
Friday, May 10. Southport Hall. 7:30PM. $35 (advance), $280 (VIP meet & greet).
Is it all just wasted time? First show of U.S. tour. No opening act mentioned as of two months beforehand. Check out Seb’s laughably bad new single “What Do I Got To Lose?,” then revel in the heavy glam grunge majesty of Skid Row’s Slave To The Grind LP. Can you live with yourself when you think of what you’ve left behind? mpwelch.medium.com/76-i-met-sebastian-bach-of-skid-row-new-orleans-2002-61a8d7f7b56a Flyer: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=933104328177510
Saturday, May 11
Echo And the Bunnymen
Saturday, May 11. The Joy Theater. 7PM.
The mop-topped core duo of Ian & Will plus hired guns do a show of strength on the “Songs To Learn And Sing Tour.” Yes, this tour is kinda pathetically named after the best-of compilation LP they put out in 1985. Evidently only their 3rd Louisiana concert ever (8/28/84 on Riverboat President during the World’s Fair; 5/15/88 at Tulane’s McAlister Auditorium). Ticketmaster’s brilliantly sadistic new “dynamic pricing” algorithm has already jacked up general floor tickets to $125 in mid-December, so this is evidently close to selling out. Word has it they’ll also be playing at Blue Bayou water park so they can break on through to the other slide. (Context: Comparisons to American rock act the Doors have dogged these Liverpudlians for their whole career.)
Wednesday, May 15
King’s X | Sound & Shape
Wednesday, May 15. Southport Hall. 8PM. $60.
Springfield, MO rock trio King’s X. “The band's current lineup has remained intact for more than four decades, consisting of vocalist and bassist Doug Pinnick, drummer Jerry Gaskill and guitarist Ty Tabor. Their music combines progressive metal, funk and soul with vocal arrangements influenced by gospel, blues, and British Invasion rock groups. Despite a largely underground reputation as the ‘musician's musicians,’ King's X was pivotal in the early development of progressive metal, and produced a series of early records considered essential within the genre. King's X was ranked No. 83 on VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock.” - Wikipedia. You may remember Beavis & Butt-head watching their “Black Flag” video & dubbing their singer the Grim Rapper. Sound & Shape are Nashville classic rock meets prog metal trio, much like the headliners, but slightly more irritating in the bland obviousness of their recipe.
Saturday, May 18
GZA & The Phunky Nomads | Morning 40 Federation | Naughty Professor with Chali 2na | Suplecs | Pollo Asadon | Isaac Eady (of Tedeschi Trucks Band) & Third Moon | Raw Deal feat. Anjelika “Jelly” Joseph | Marina Orchestra | Sierra Green & The Giants
Saturday, May 18. Bayou St. John (at Orleans Avenue).
Bayou Boogaloo. “An analysis of GZA's lyrics found that he has the second largest vocabulary in popular hip hop music.” - Wikipedia. thebayouboogaloo.com/lineup
Sunday, May 19
Afroman | Lez Zeppelin | Big Sam’s Funky Nation | Rumpelsteelskin | ÌFÉ | Eric Johanson | Buckwheat Zydeco Jr. | Tiny Dinosaur | Los Guiros | The St. Claude Serenaders | Joshua Starkman’s Variety Hour
Sunday, May 19. Bayou St. John @ Orleans Avenue.
Bayou Boogaloo. “Founded in 2004 by New York guitarist Steph Paynes, the all-girl quartet Lez Zeppelin has since gained unanimous critical acclaim as one of the most exciting live acts around, becoming the first female rock act to pay homage to Led Zeppelin and to garner rave reviews across the board. Lez Zeppelin stays true to the musically audacious spirit of the original, delivering the legendary rock band’s blistering arrangements and monstrous sound note-for-note at sold-out frenzied shows around the world. In June 2013, [Metairie’s own] Jimmy Page attended their show in London and said of the group, ‘they played the Led Zeppelin music with an extraordinary sensuality and an energy and passion that highlighted their superb musicianship.’” Poster: thebayouboogaloo.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/Daily-poster.png
Taking Back Sunday | Citizen
Sunday, May 19. The Fillmore (6 Canal Street). 8PM. $53+.
Thursday, May 23
Ghosts: Do You Believe?
Thursday, May 23. The Fillmore (6 Canal Street). 8PM. $41.75 - $98.
Live seminar with Dustin Pari of Ghost Hunters International.
Friday, May 31
Noble Apes | Fith | The Bomb Pulse | The Excellent Man From Minneapolis
Friday, May 31. Wolf Den (at the Howlin Wolf). 10PM-1AM. $5.
Bluesy rock, garage punk, and perhaps other heavy musics.
Thursday, July 11
Holy Animals by Paige Barnett Kulbeth | Sick Ride | Sasha Massey | Omar Zubair | Gina Aswell
Thursday, July 11. Acadiana Center for the Arts (101 West Vermilion Street, Lafayette). 7:30PM. $20.
“Homegrown from Lafayette and living in NYC, Paige Barnett Kulbeth is an artist acclaimed for her innovative integration of dance, music and video technology. Her new one-woman-show, Holy Animals, consists of larger-than-life projections, live music, and a combination of modern and classical choreography. Loosely based on Dante's The Divine Comedy, the musical score mirrors the circles of Hell, the terraces of Purgatory, and the celestial spheres of Heaven. Featured artists include rock duo Sick Ride (Trent Turnley, Matt Breaux), opera songstress Sasha Massey, electronic musician Omar Zubair, and dancer Gina Aswell.” This also takes place here at the same time the following day. http://simpletix.com/e/148496
Wednesday, July 31
Iron And Wine | Rosali
Wednesday, July 31. The Orpheum. 8PM. $39 - $105.75.
Flyer: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=927766125808015
Friday, August 2
Zao | Capra | Frail Body | Decoy
Friday, August 2. Midcity Ballroom. 7:30PM. $15.
Metal? In MY hardcore? Founded in ’93, Z has no original members, but its core duo has been intact since ‘99. Z toured with C as an opening act last September, incl. a scheduled show in NOLA on 9/29/23, but that leg fell through for unknown reasons, so C ended up headlining the NOLA date. I guess this show is sort of a make-up for that. Tour poster: facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=978670473616367
Friday, August 23
Black Flag
Friday, August 23. Southport Hall. 7:30PM. $35.
“Black Flag performs the First Four Years of their Catalog, Live at Southport Hall. The First Four Years is a compilation album by the American hardcore punk band.”
Thursday, August 29
Whitney Willis Hebert & Reid Willis: Sediment
Thursday, August 29. Acadiana Center for the Arts (101 West Vermilion Street, Lafayette). 7:30PM. $25-35.
“‘Sediment’ is a multimedia spectacle by Whitney Willis Hebert, featuring abstract videography and live music from Reid Willis. This new performance expands on their previous collaboration ‘Mother Of - Piano Reworks.’” 7:30 - 9:30. This show also takes place here at the same time the following day. simpletix.com/e/147775
Wednesday, September 18
Buzz “King Buzzo” Osborne | Trevor Dunn | Jeff “JD” Pinkus
Wednesday, September 18. The Varsity. 8PM. $29.50.
KB: Melvins, Fecal Matter, Fantômas, etc. TD: Mr. Bungle, John Zorn groups, Fantômas, Secret Chiefs 3, Trio-Convulsant, Melvins Lite, Tomahawk, etc. JDP: Butthole Surfers, Daddy Longhead, Honky, Areola 51, Melvins, etc. Experience bits and pieces of all the bands you once warned yourself about! Reminiscent of the mind-boggling Fantômas (Buzzo, Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo, Dunn) + Trio-Convulsant (Dunn, Mary Halvorson, Ches Smith) concert at HøB on 4/5/05. But this one will likely be less conceptually brutal and more sludgy / grungy / metallic. There will almost surely be Melvins chestnuts bandied about, just like our ancestors did with John Denver & Joni songs around the campfire. No opening act mentioned as of early Feb., unless it’s Pinkus doing his banjocore thing solo. Flyer: blocktickets-development.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/448824e1bd3199b58f5106e70631d833.png