DIY music, theatre, activism, and art. 

2831 Marais New Orleans, Louisiana 70117

Head down Canal St. towards downtown.
Left on Rampart (you'll have to make a u-turn or break the law).
Rampart becomes St. Claude.
Left on Press (last street before the train tracks).
Cross Marais and go straight into the lot behind the building.
There is a door in the back across from the tracks. There should be a sign that says "Green Project Community Space."
Go in the door and up the stairs.


Booking contacts:

Matt, Bryan, David, Melissa,Walker, Maureen, Steven.

Calendar of scheduled events | Green Project downstairs website | New Orleans Underground


General Information

The space is part of the Green Project Recycling, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creatively promoting and encouraging environmental sustainability in New Orleans.  The entrance to the space is located in the back of the building in the lot at Press and Marais, across from the train tracks.

Right now, we're in the middle of renovations at the space, so the space is a little messy, equipment is somewhat piecemeal, and we can definitely us a lot of help.


Promoters, bands, etc.

If you want to organize your own event at the space, shoot us an email.  The large room costs $50 and the smaller room costs $25.  We want to keep the door price at all of the events at the space at $5 or less.  The only possible exception to this is for benefit shows.  The space is also all ages and, do to insurance issues, we cannot have alcohol or smoking inside the building.  We'd also like to have all the information confirmed and flyers for the show at least two weeks in advance (but still get in touch with us if you have something you want to do at the last minute).  We'd like all of the shows to start for about 7PM.  And we require that you have something on the event in addition to bands playing; this can be a video screening (we can provide a projector and screen), workshop, theatre, food, or whatever else you can think of.  You will be responsible for providing a door person, soundperson (we can provide a small PA system), stage manager, and folks to help clean up during and after the show (although the volunteers at the space can probably help out with a lot of this).  Also, this isn't a rule, but we definitely encourage bands to only play at the space (and, really, in the city) once a month at most.  



We are constantly looking for new volunteers to help with events.  Want to run sound, take money at the door, stage manage, or just help is clean up in general?  Get in touch.

Also, we don't want to turn anyone away from these events if you can't afford the $5 cover.  Come out early, and we'll put you to work helping with the show, or stay late and help us clean up.  Bring vegan food donations for Food Not Bombs, books for Books 2 Prisoners, donations for the Iron Rail Bookstore, bikes for Plan B, etc etc.  Let us know ahead of time if you can help out some touring folks with a nice place to stay.  Cook some vegan food for the show.  Or come up with your own form of worthwhile payment in lieu of money.