Updated 06.11.09
The Thou LP is sold out.  Southern Lord has repressed it, and copies are available to New Orleans and Baton Rouge folks from the band.
The Thou / Black September split 7" is sold out.  There will be a repress done by Gilead Media by the end of summer 2009.  If anyone got one of the original press and would like the poster that was to be included, please get in touch.
I still have copies of the We Need to Talk 7".  They're three bucks.  I don't have many left.
The Thou / Haarp split 7" will be done by August 2009.  The record will have a 7" sized booklet along the same lines as the We Need to Talk 7" or Thou's "To Carry a Stone" 7" and include a small poster.  It's going to be a split release with Mirror Universe Records.  There will be 1000 pressed. 
Sometime this summer, I should be getting the Loblaws / Rooks split done.  It looks like we're going to do this as a 12" to include all the Rooks tracks and some of the canceled Loblaws stuff. 

Jessica Roberts is taking mail orders on a lot of the stuff we traded for.  You can find the list here.


LPs are $8, 7"s are $3, and all the CDs are $5.  If you're ordering by mail, include two or three bucks to cover shipping.  Bryan Funck | 1624 North Starrett Road | Metairie, Louisiana 70003.  If you're ordering through paypal, send money to flyerstorm@yahoo.com and include at least three bucks to cover shipping and the paypal fees.  Distros get in touch for cheap wholesale, labels get in touch about trades.

We Need to Talk, It's Not Us, It's You ep.  
Nine tracks of blistering, female-fronted, hardcore punk from Baton Rouge and Metairie's We Need to Talk  Imagine Left for Dead crossed with Scrotum Grinder crossed with Asshole Parade.  Silk screened and letter-press covers from All Along Press, plus a 7" sized booklet.  Mp3s of all the tracks are up here.
600 7"s pressed on black vinyl.
Thou / Black September, Thrive & Decay ep.  
Black metal influenced thrash from Chicago's Black September (ex-members of High on Crime).  Southern stoner, cop-hating doom from Baton Rouge's Thou.  Comes with a nice silk screened poster care of All Along Press (Steven Brien from Marc with a C).  Lyrics and the mp3 of Smoke Pigs is up here.
1000 7"s pressed on black vinyl.
Thou, Tyrant lp.  OUT OF PRINT.
Four young gentlemen from Baton Rouge and one old man from New Orleans playing blackened, doomy, sludgey metal.  It's slow, heavy stuff with epic, "pretty" parts.  Songs about killing cops, assassinating politicians, hating religion, and being chained to the bottom of the ocean.  Ex-members of all kinds of bands.  Current members of We Need to Talk, Rhinosaur, Sugar Cookies, Barghest, and Chopsley.  Coming to a city near you.  Mp3s of all the tracks are up here.
500 lps pressed on black vinyl.
The Robinsons, Plural Not Possessive double cd.
This is the discography of one of the best local pop bands ever.  It compiles pretty much everything worth having by this band.  Two cds, and it still only costs five bucks.  That's because I'm more straightedge than Ian MacKaye.  Do you like the Beach Boys, Weezer, and the Ramones?  Than you'll just love this.  These guys moved on to form the Sally Stitches and, recently, the Sunflowers, then all of those bands broke up and they got the Robinsons back together.  Masterful.  Cover art and stamped insides by Jinger Roy.  The inserts were crimethinked.
1000 cds pressed.
You're either going to love or hate these guys.  Guitar, drums, keyboards, and a host of other instruments:  Happy Birthday, New Orleans.  Some local jackass called them electro stupido, whatever that means.  How about electro stupendous-o.  Imagine if the pilots of the Voltron lions had a band that was heavily influenced by the Beach Boys but sounded almost nothing like them.  Imagine if Dismemberment plan was an art punk band.  Folks from Rougarou, Dear Diary I Seem to Be Dead, Not From China, A Hunger Artist, The Red Beards, Hatchback, Eat a Bag of Dicks, etc.  Mp3s of all the tracks and more are up here.
1000 cds pressed. 
The Ghostwood, Development cd.
Guys from Gathered Here, Structural Damage, Ginger Quail, Antarctica vs the World, Daisy, and the infamous Head Pro.  Yet they sound nothing like any of those bands.  Pop punk meets emotional rock & roll meets my favorite metal dude.  East Bay punk meets Midwest pop meets Gainesville emotion meets New Orleans sensibilities.  For people who like This is My Fist, the Ergs, Off With Their Heads, Rivethead, Crimpshrine, Avail, Broadways, Plan It X Records, etc.  Folks from this band went on to be in Path of Daggers Crown of Swords, A Hanging, and PROMIS.  Mp3s of this album, the demo, and Jonathan's solo stuff are up here.
1000 cds pressed.
In Tomorrow's Shadow, Displaying the Eulogy cd.
When I first met these kids, they were playing some raw-as-shit metalcore that sounded like all the 90s vegan straightedge metalcore that I love so much.  Since then, they've gone slightly more towards the straight up discordant metal/moshcore style of contemporary metalcore bands, but I still think these guys are great.  Heavy, fast, and chaotic, tons of break downs.  You know what this is.  Jenny and Kyle at Hot Iron Press silk screened the sleeves for these cds, and they look amazing.  The first 100 were rushed and printed on red.  The other 900 were printed on black. 
1000 cds pressed.
The Faeries, Riot in the Hive Mind cd.
This is New Orleans punk rock.  This is also a split release with Waking Records and McCarthyism.  Evan has an mp3 of Shank Race up.  Kurt Cobain meets Black Flag meets Document Eight era Page Ninety-Nine.  It's a more socio-political Flipper or a Born Against on drugs.  Amazing artwork that looks like it was done by a paranoid schizophrenic or an unacknowledged genius or both. Actually, it's by the legendary Joseph Gates.  
1000 cds pressed.
REVIEWS:  Paranoize | Razorcake | Collective | Delusions of Adequacy
Dear Diary I Seem to Be Dead, cd.
The final recording.  Minimalist packaging, six songs, over 30 minutes.  The Joshes call this an EP; I call it a full length.  People have compared this to Reversal of Man or Constantine Sankathi.  Imagine older City of Caterpillar combined with the jammy rock out parts of  Pearl Jam.  Thanks to Josh at McCarthyism and Josh at Deadtank for helping us get this out for tour.  This is a split release with both of those labels.  You can find mp3s of all of these tracks on the Dear Diary website.  Folks from this band went on to be in A Hunger Artist, The Red Beards, and Thou.  
1000 cds pressed.
REVIEWS:  Deep Fry Bonanza | Collective | House of Smut | Daredevil
Dear Diary I Seem to Be Dead, demo cdr/tape.  OUT OF PRINT.
Guys from Hatchback, Head Pro, and Chopsley doing the hardcore ala early 90s emo with a lot more metal.  Whatever that means.  Recorded by Greg Stein in two days, so we would have something before the five shows with City of Caterpillar.  You can find mp3s of all of these tracks on the Dear Diary website.  
100+ cdrs burnt, 100 tapes copied.
Searching for Chin | The Wake, split CD.
I met Jim from SFC in August of 2000.  He was on tour with Walls of Jericho, and I had come out to the show wearing a Reversal of Man shirt to see Earth Crisis (who I still love).  We struck up an instant friendship.  That led me to put out my first "real" cd with two great hardcore bands.  SFC is from Ontario; the Wake is from Michigan.  Screamy, spasctic, grindy metal.  Reversal of Man if they were from Canada and on drugs.  Only I think these guys are straightedge.  And PC.  I think SFC also has mp3s of these tracks on their website.  Also keep an eye out for their full length on McCarthyism.  
1000 cds pressed.
Eat a Bag of Dicks - Summer Tour 2002, CDr.  OUT OF PRINT.
We put this out for the Eat a Bag of Dicks/Rat in a Bucket southern tour.  It contained unmastered versions of the songs from Kissing Croations plus all the songs that were supposed to go on the Robinsons split that never came out.  At this point Eat a Bag of Dicks had become a 20+ person rampaging behemoth.  After the breakup, members would go on to form Dear Diary I Seem to Be Dead, Daisey, The Faeries, Big Baby, A Hunger Artist, Die White Devil Fratboy Die, The Red Beards, PROMIS, etc.
130 copies on silver-bottomed cdrs.
Eat a Bag of Dicks - Kissing Croations, CDr.  OUT OF PRINT.
Fourteen-member sloppy punk hardcore.  Think Pantera meets early 90's vegan straightedge moshcore meets the Dixie Tavern.  They break all kinds of shit--guitars, drums, microphones, the audience, themselves.  Live shows included all the members dressing up according to different themes (Ghostbusters, Goonies, Revenge of the Nerds, Eric Martinez, catholic school girls, ballerinas, etc.) and encouraging the audience members to do the same.  Ex-members of Chopsley, Groove Cartel, Santa Smokes, Calvin & the Snobbes.  And when they were around, current members of Hatchback, Stupid Fucking White Man, The Black Sun, etc.
150 copies on black-bottomed cdrs.
Not From China - Selected Discography, CDr.  OUT OF PRINT.
Ambient, experimental, freakout jazz minus the instrumentation?  Various bands from decades foregone in a writhing mass of performance art?  Two bored teens trapped in the Louisiana suburbs with nothing but a karaoke machine and a penchant for screaming profanities?  Funny ha-ha or just plain weird?  All of the tracks are available online here.  
50 copies on red-bottomed cdrs.