During a tour in December 2011, Andy and Bryan realized that they both wanted to start a hardcore band with Christ Stein. They agreed on newly transplanted Craig Mulcahy as the bass player and started working on the band a month later once Andy had moved to New Orleans. Seven songs were written and recorded in May 2011, and a show was scheduled to be played in August 2011. Unfortunately, Hurricane Isaac landed around the same time and knocked out most of the power in the city, so the show was canceled, and Andy moved to Oakland. Thou wasn't touring much, so we put together a short west coast tour in July 2013 with our friends in The Body. Since Jasper was driving us in his van, we decided to add him to second guitar for those shows.


Kill EP (Human Resources, September 2012)

Recorded in June 2011 on Rendon Street by James Whitten and Jasper den Hatigh. These songs were released on a 7" by our friends Hector Madrigal-Ramirez and Kevin Kline under Human Resources. Jackets and OBIs letter pressed by Rebecca Levy and Ben Saperstein. Inner sleeve printed by Imprint, and vinyl pressed by Rainbo.


(009) 07.08.13 - Che Cafe (San Diego) with The Body, Griever, and Age of Collapse.

(008) 07.07.13 - Blood Orange (Riverside) with The Body and Moxiebeat.

(007) 07.06.13 - East 7th (Los Angeles) with The Body, Versklaven, Eel, Doomed Species, and Whither & Rot.

(006) 07.05.13 - Bridgetown (La Puente) with The Body, Children of God, and Behavior.

(005) 07.04.13 - 1234Go! (Oakland) with The Body and Negative Standards.

(004) 07.03.13 - Black Lodge (Seattle) with The Body, Cold Lake, and Chronic Tomb.

(003) 07.02.13 - Laughing Horse (Portland) with The Body and Phuck.

(002) 07.01.13 - Mex n' Wow (Arcata) with The Body, Golden Raven, and Gout. (video)

(001) 06.30.13 - Gilman Street (Berkeley) with The Body, Iron Lung, Neon Piss, Replica, and Reivers.


Checklist: I Love Living in the City (Fear), United Blood (Agnostic Front).




After Andy moved to Oakland, we decided we wanted to do a similarly styled hardcore band with Bilal Dougherty on guitar. Jasper den Hatigh was soon added to second guitar. Songs were written over several months in between commitments with other bands. Two shows were played locally, and then the first demo was recorded in March 2013.


Strong and Self-Reliant demo cdr (self-released, March 2013)

Recorded in March 2013 on Rendon Street by Jasper den Hatigh. These songs were self-released on a short run of cdrs burned by Brian Domingue.


(004) 06.19.13 - Fairgrinds (New Orleans) with Coke Bust.

(003) 03.18.13 - Mudlark Theatre (New Orleans) with Iron Lung.

(002) 02.17.13 - Spanish Moon Green Room (Baton Rouge) with Shitstorm and Rapturous Grief.

(001) 02.16.13 - Hey! Cafe (New Orleans) with Anne Frankenstein.


Checklist: Moron Brothers (NOFX), Summertime (Crimpshrine), Slack Mother Fucker (Superchunk).



Blood Fuck


In order to make the Subservient Fuck 2013 west coast tour more manageable, Michael Moises was asked to come along as an extra driver. It was then decided that the four-fifths Subservient Fuck/Bloody Mummers plus Michael would play shows on the drives to and from California under the name Blood Fuck, doing a mix of both bands' material.


(008) 07.11.13 - House of Commons (Austin) with Offed and Nerd Murder.

(007) 07.10.13 - Winning Coffee (Albuquerque) with Bath House and Ronoso.

(006) 07.09.13 - The Zoo (Phoenix) with Funerary and Kuato & Quaid.

(005) 06.26.13 - Broad Street (San Luis Obispo) with Pinnacle, Become, and Fell to Low.

(004) 06.25.13 - Cottage House (Flagstaff) with Swamp Wolf and Antikythera.

(003) 06.24.13 - Underground at Evangalos (Santa Fe) with Drought and Antikythera.

(002) 06.23.13 - Tofu House (San Antonio) with Going Peacefully and Scumicide.

(001) 06.20.13 - Moises Haus (New Orleans) with Jungle Dress.


Checklist: Just What I Needed (The Cars).