This band would not be possible or anywhere near as enjoyable without the following people and all their help.  We really appreciate all of the support everyone has given us, and we hope we can give something back and offer our support as much as humanly possible.  I'm sure there are tons of people who are missing from this list--everyone who has given us a show, a place to stay, played with us, hung out, etc.--thank you very much also.

Brennan Moss and Michael Talley - Recorded Tyrant, Peasant, our side of the Haarp split, and the bookend tracks on the Leech split in their apartment above the Northgate Taverne in Baton Rouge.

James Whitten - Recorded just about everything else in his apartment in Oakland, in our old practice space on Rendon, and at the Living Room in Algiers.  He mastered a pile of stuff as well.  Did sound for us at Scion Fest, etc.  Great pal.  I cannot stress enough how much we love working with him when recording.  Make use of his talents.

Gustave Manthey and Nick Luave - Recorded some introductions and end pieces, Trey recording the vocals and piano on  "The Defeatist's Lament" one afternoon at Loyola University, and Nick recording the classical "Reprise" one afternoon at his Mid-City apartment.

Emily McWilliams - Composed pieces on We Pass Like Night and Our Enemy Civilization and added a bit of composing, singing, and piano playing to Summit, "Voices," "Milk It," and "Something in the Way."

Jessica Roberts  - Crushing mailorder sorceries and a failed attempt on going on tour to Bloomington but a successful sleepover at Derek's house.  Also, a massive helper of the putting together of various records.

Derek Zimmer, Steven Mudge, Megan Acosta, Vicki Beechler, Fiz Barnett, Eleanore Bernadas, Darin Acosta, Michael Moises - Fell merch wizards.  Tour warlords.  Eternal comrades.

Sean Dempsey, Lauren Goldstein, Jennifer Murphey, East Bay Zoe, Jane Gruning - Collating, stapling, and folding of 7" and 10"s and cassettes.

Jasper den Hartigh - Lending of the van, lending of the gear.

Anthony Gonzales (Awt Phaux Inc.) - Creator of the bat logo, layout on the Tyrant LP and CD, designing and printing of the second wave shirts plus designing the Punk Rock Ruined My Life one.

Josh Ford (Giraphic Prints) - silk screening a chunk of the shirts and both the hoodies.  Lots of fabulous last minute help.

Russell Moran (Get Wizard / Four Square Fury) - Tons of layout work (Peasant LP and CD, Retaliation 12", Malfeasance 10", To Carry a Stone 7", Empires EP, Kingdoms boxed set, Thrive & Decay repress, a bunch more); tons and tons and tons of scanning and copying; putting together of various records. Letting us lose his floor tom.

Mike Jones - Layout for Our Enemy Civilization, Dwell in the Darkness, Heathen cd.

Stephanie DeVay - Original layout for the Baton Rouge EP.

James-Roman Nee - Layout for Degradation and Reincarnation Prayer.  The final layout work for the Baton Rouge EP (enormous).  Now appearing on drums.

Adam Bartlett (Gilead Media) - Putting out various records; being a pal; Florida I tour; layout work on We Pass Like Night, Summit, Dwell in the Darkness, and a million more; silk screening of millions of posters and shirts and patches; making just about all our pins; Tyrant cd wraps.

Hope Amico - Supplied the cardstock for the covers of the original Tyrant LP booklets and also letterpressed the second run of split cassettes with Moloch.  Also screened some tight posters for the Circle / True Widow show.

Kyle Bravo and Jenny LeBlanc (Hot Iron Press) - Letter press guidance and usage.

Steven Brien (All Along Press) - various letter pressing and silk screening for the Peasant LP (first press), Malfeasance 10", To Carry a Stone 7".

Chris Snake (Sacred Tapes) - Silk screening for the Retaliation 12", Smoke Pigs patches, Nevermind the Ballots patches, European tour patches, logo patches.

Clay (Black Market Ministry) - Printwork for the guts of Reincarnation Prayer.

Lindsey Netherley - Silk screening for the Pharisees patch.

Paul Danos, Melanie NYC, Rebecca Levy, Tim Gorbett, Jordan BR, Candice Metrailer, the Haarp brothers, Leech, Moloch, Altar of Plagues, Nanda Devi - Tour friends.

Walter Malone and Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship? - Horn section on "By Endurance We Conquer" and "Summit Reprise."


Baton Rouge: Impressionable Youth / Jude Fawley / Twentytwodays / Justinbailey / We are the Living / Secret Smoker / Fvmes / Christworm

New Orleans: Gristnam / Haarp / Peiste / Hurray for the Riff Raff / Big Ship / Small Bones / Secret Passage / The Ghostwood / Bitchface / Mystic Inane

Lafayette: Hellkontroll / Devil & the Sea / Collapsar / Red Shield


alive: Barghest (Matthew & Terry) / Baby Boy (Josh, Mitch, & Andy) / Subservient Fuck (Andy and Bryan) / Mystic Inane (Andy)

Pizza Daughter (Mitch, Matthew, & Josh) / Simple Syrup (Mitch and Matthew)

dead: Spring Break Shark Attack (Andy) / Rhinosaur (Mitch) / Man Plus Building (Mitch & Josh) / Blessed Sons (Bryan)

We Need to Talk (Andy) / Chopsley (Bryan) / Sugar Cookies (Mitch & Matt) / Reclaim Life (Derek) / Bloody Mummers (Bryan)