New Orleans and Baton Rouge Booking

If you know of a promoter or someone that books shows that should be listed here, send an email to Bryan to get it added to the list.

New Orleans Promoters

3 Ring Circus
Nicole | Email | website | 504 569 2700
Booking for the Big Top Art Gallery.

504 What Style
Steve Williams | Email | website | 504 957 9690
Over 20 years of booking DIY shows from the back yards to the big events! Creator of the 504 Rock Art Circus, Wrong Side of Texas Records, artist, posters/flyer/t-shirts designs, producer and merchandise for bands. Rock, punk, surf, rockabilly/psychobilly, hardcore, garage bands and some progressive country.

86'd Productions
Matt | Email
Mostly metal, punk, hardcore and garage shows (but open to anything) at Siberia.

Absinthe Promotions
Katy Kuntz | Email | website | 504 458 3129
Booking for Underground and National acts in the New Orleans area. Genres: Metal, hardcore, punk and hard rock. Event Planner from the 1st Annual Raise the Dead festival. Services include booking opening acts for touring bands, booking venues, promoting gigs via press releases to local and online publications, distributing flyers and spreading the word via My Space and online music forums.

Adam Shepherd
Adam Shepherd | Email | 504 289 2793
I put on monthly bounce shows, dance parties, and indie rock shows.

An Idea Like No Other
Bryan | Email | website | 504 274 9973
All styles. Always all ages; always five bucks [or less].

Anxious Sound
Rob | Email
Rob books jazz, avant-garde, and noise stuff.

Aquarium Drunkard
Scott Simoneaux | Email | website
Booking for One Eyed Jacks.

Art Klub
Danielle Dyar | Email | website
Booking for all forms of performance and visual art.

As One
Brandon | Email
Books punk bands

Aysia 999 Promotions
Jennifer | Email | website
Independent 3rd-party booking and promo for punk, surf, rockabilly/psychobilly, hardcore punk, and garage bands. Also, booking for The Unnaturals, Terranova, and The Split()Lips.

Backbeat Foundation
Donna Santiago | Email | website | 504 301 4600
Jazzfest related shows in the French Quarter.

Bayou Park Bar Booking
Jene' | Email
Handles the booking at Bayou Park Bar.

Big G Artists Agency, LLC
Bliss Bailey | Email | website | 504 252 0244
A premiere talent booking agency with a new wave of artists. Ride the music! All genres accepted.

Clickem Youth
Michael Bateman | Email
Oy vey!

Community Records
Greg | Email | website
DIY shows.

Daiquiri Beignet
Davitt | Email
Booking mostly weirdo, outsider art, outsider-pop, twitchy stuff, dancey-fun, strange DIY, and noise.

Danny Carrone
Danny | website | 504.734.7781
All Styles.

Deep Cycle
Anon. | website
Lo and hi-fi fun dancey bands, electropunk, digital hardcore, noise acts if they are interesting, a good rock or indy band and things that are just plain hard to catogorize.

Delta Psychedelica
Katie Stonge | Email | website | 205 515 0467
Based in Birmingham, AL but currently booking shows in New Orleans.

DNO Books
| Email | website
Rock & roll shows.

get wizard.
Russell | Email
Doing the occasional DIY punk show in New Orleans and/or Baton Rouge.

Giant Octopus Productions
Devin Morgan | Email | 504 228 7557
Art and music.

Girl Gang Productions
Mags | Email | website
All grrls promoting grrl and queer-positive bands.

Jezka | Email
Books emo, punk, indie rock, and nerdcore

Hi Ho Lounge Booking
Lon | Email | website | 504 352 6066
Contact for Booking the Hi Ho Lounge

Houligan Motocross Productions
Tom | Email | 504 388 9266
Anything goes for shows at The Treehouse. We like all bands and DJ's but definitely need to be something different or new.

Howlin Wolf Booking
Stu | Email | website
Promotions and Booking for the Howlin Wolf venue

I Say I Say Productions
Christopher Hummel | Email
Booking shows.

Incision Records
Email | Email | website | 504.780.9328
Local record label run by Jay Branch and Ben Falgoust

Indie Rock Collective
Collective | Email | website
The Collective works to build an infrastructure for and raise awareness of the New Orleans indie rock scene.

Iron Rail Book Collective
Iron Rail Book Collective | Email | website
THEY DO NOT BOOK MUSIC EVENTS. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ABOUT PLAYING SHOWS AT THE ARK. They will, however, be able to help out with book readings, movies, and other presentations of a socio-politcal ilk

Juju Association
Jordan Koppens | Email | website
I work as a booking agent for local and touring acts, organize music and art showcases, and dance parties.

Light's Bane Booking
Seth | Email | website
Booking hardcore/punk/screamo occassionally in or around New Orleans.

Look Ma No Bra!
Candice | Email | website | 504 330 9272
This venture began innocently enough, inspired in part by No More Fiction shows, and the lack of promoters in New Orleans supporting DIY and radical punk.

Lyceum Project
David O'Donaghue | Email
This group helps to gather and maintain a Philosophy cafe, moderated by a prominent professor of philosophy from Tulane. Philosophy discussion is the main focus of this group, but there have been psychology discussion groups, MBTI disscussion groups, religious groups and much more.

Meemaw Productions
Zachary Quinn | Email | 504 258 9605
Indie and punk shows.

Melt House Productions
Jacob Cabrera | Email | website | 512 987 3039
We're a new, local, independent promotion company that focuses of pairing curated performances with unique venues/performance spaces.

My Name Wes
Wes | Email | 504 388 7510
Punk shows.

Mystic Knights of the Mau-Mau
Lefty | Email | website | 504 588 2616
Lefty from the Circle Bar.

N.O. Artis Limited
Ingrid Anderson | Email | website | 504 906 7015
To incorporate all mediums of art. From music, to visual, to performance--and much more.

Needlepop Productions
Augen | Email | website | 504 421 7881
Event planning, DJs, parties, live music events, live PA rental and management, graphic/flyer design, band management, booking, promo, recording.

New Movement Records
Oscar | Email | website | 504.220.8698

New Orleans Free School
NOLA Free School | Email | website
Free classes, workshops, and discussion groups across New Orleans.

No More Fiction
Osa & Co. | Email | website | 504 261 8463
Booking all-ages DIY shows for local benefit causes and all-girl, female-fronted and queer bands.

Noisey Productions
Micah | Email
Booking all-ages/$5 punk, hardcore, indie, metal, and all sub-genres of said genres.

NOLA Party Productions
Anthony Cusimano III | Email | website | 504 909 8118
Booking shows in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

Noxious Noize
Christion | Email | website
Predominantly punk, metal, hardcore, experimental & avant garde, but down for almost anything.

OpenHouse Music
Zac Kushner | Email | website
DIY music appreciation society We create interesting parties & concerts, manage artists, do freelance promotion & can be hired to throw your party. We book both local and national acts in a variety of venues, including Studio 3 Warehouse, a 10,000 sq foot DIY venue.

Bobby | Email | website | 504.390.3682
Metal and hardcore weekend shows.

Pavilion Entertainment
Michael Rivera & Nathan Kleindorf | Email
Booking in Southern Louisiana. Open to all genres.

Clay | Email | website

Planarian Productions
Lefty Parker | Email
Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience in booking(Circle Bar(NOLA),Lizard and Snake Café (Chapel Hill,NC)), recording and band services(American Sector Recording studio(NOLA), Planarianart studio,Etc.), we are a new group looking to help Southern and New Orleans area musicians by expanding the scope of the South. Working in cooperation with The Knights of the Mau Mau, the Hi Ho Lounge, the Saturn Bar, and a variety of N.O. area bands and music producers (MC Trachiotomy, Quintron, Adam Waller(Black Rose Band), Jeff Treffinger (Truck Farm, Mermaid Lounge), Pearl Studios, Rhinestone Records).

Leeaux | Email | website
" We are curating events for musicians and artists regularly in partnership with other projects in the area. We have recently partnered with EIFFEL SOCIETY to host a bi-weekly talent series called Talent Tuesdays."

Punkrock Takeover

Rad Rad Movie Nights
Andy Onion | Email
Setting up radical, political films and documentaries.

Recycled Arts Booking
Matt Carney | Email
Indie, noise, drone, whatever else.

Robot Punch Productions
Danny Helfers | Email | website
All kinds of shows.

Roux-Ga-Roux Events
Mary Westenberg/Jeff Potter | Email | 707.322.7448 (mary), 650.269.0468 (jeff)

Rusty Lazer
Rusty | Email | website
Jay Pennington, formerly Kid Twist.

Andy Durta | Email
Avante-garde jazz, freakout, improvisational noise, etc.

Ira Crockett | Email | website
We bring black alt punk and queer artists in town and throw queer events.

Sheer Terror
Bill Heintz | Email | website
Booking punk, hardcore, and garage as well as indie film screenings. Indie record label, flyer design, and Creepy Fest annually.

Alex | Email | website | 504.234.0116
All styles at many different venues.

Simple Play Productions
Ron | Email | 504 430 7003
Booking at Dragon's Den. All styles. Mostly underground and electronic artists.

Space Taker Sounds
Sarah | Email | website
Sarah from Pelican Pow Wow putting on shows!

Speak No Evil
Patrick | Email | website | 504 715 9379
Instrumental bands. Math rock, post rock, live electronic, Experimental.

Strange Creatures
Mange | Email | 203 535 7011
Booking for Strange Creatures DJ nights and live goth, industrial, deathrock and punk bands for local shows and national/international acts.

Nora | Email
Providing Harm Reduction and Overdose Prevention workshops and classes.

Turducken Productions
Anthony | Email | website
Many styles--mainly hipster, experimental, indie, emo, and rock shows.

Wealth and Physical Stamina
Jackson Blaylock | Email | website
All ages, noncommercial showspaces. DIY whatever kind of music

Baton Rouge Promoters

Bidness Booking
Jonathan | Email
Booking for Chelseas, Redstar and primarily North Gate Taverne.

Bullhorn Bandits
| website
Book at the Spanish Moon.

Gamebred Production
Garrett Saia | Email | website | 225 274 5067
We book all ages and bars in and around the BR area.

Hungry Ghost Collective
Billy | Email

Jachob Taylor
Jachob | Email
House shows.

Jonah Andrews
Jonah Andrews | Email
All ages booking in Baton Rouge.

Joel | Email | website | 225.413.5781

Northgate Taverne
Sam Terito | Email | website
Does the booking at the Northgate Taverne.

On the Rise Productions
Colin McArdle | Email
Books shows in Baton Rouge.

Positive Project
Daniel Schexnaydre | Email | website | 225 964 8860
DIY shows in Baton Rouge.

Rats in the Walls
Miguel | Email
Punk shows.

RCP Zine
Domingue | Email | website
Domingue and co. doing DIY shows in BR.

Street Corner Entertainment
Chuck Flynn | Email
Booking in Baton Rouge, Gonzales, and New Orleans.

Lafayette Promoters

F- Music
Christian Fournet | Email | website | 337 258 2044
I book Metal Mondays at JP's. I specialize in metal, but would be glad to book any genre.

Red Shield
Adam Harris | Email | website
Mostly metal, punk, hardcore and garage shows (but open to anything).

Rock City Productions
| Email | website
Doing shows in Lafayette.

Shattered Skull Productions
Jason Portmann | Email | website
Specializing in punk, hardcore, and indie genres both national and local.

Told by an Idiot
| website
Doing house shows on holidays. Online messageboard.

Torino Productions
Zack | Email | website
Anything but hip hop.  Books in venues across the state.

West Monroe Promoters

Sweet Fall Designs
Jonathon | Email | website

Houma Promoters

Houma Productions
Tyler Rodrigue | Email | 985 688 6991
Doing shows in Houma.

Let Them Give Up Booking
Shawn | Email
Booking bands in the Houma/Thibodaux area.