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Events Happening Tonight

Boo Bazaar
622 Elysian Feilds Avenue - 12PM-6PM

The NoShows | 11 Blade
Banks Street Bar - 10PM

Loup Garou Sci-Fi & Horror Fest
Bar Redux - 8PM

The Unnaturals
Bar Redux - 8PM

Jason Isbell | Josh Ritter
Joy Theater - 8PM

Gland | Slingshot Dakota | Dowsing | Ratboys | Football, Etc. | All People | Pope | Boyfriend Material | A Living Soundtrack | Sexy Dex & The Fresh | Hestina | Mean Girls | Treadles | Hughes & the Saturation
One Eyed Jack's - 3:30PM

G Jones | Sayer
Republic - 10PM

Silver Reich | Rosemary Malign | Trigger Alert | Gnawed | Negation | Kyle Eyre Clyd | Creeping | Dolores Dewberry | Proud/Father | Gabi Losoncy | Amulets | Forbidded Colors | Straight Panic | Steve Kenney | Dendera Bloodbath | Hell Garbage | Bonemagic | Theurgist | Cloaca | Fri(G)id | Dingle | Dolce | Fatplastik | Molestar | Star of Kaos
Sanctuary Cultural Arts Center - 5PM

Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue
Siberia - 6PM-9PM

Mountain of Wizard | Cauche Mar | Guitar Lightnin' Lee and the Thunder Band
Siberia - 9PM

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