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Events Happening Tonight

4511 Chestnut - 7:30PM

Patrick Shuttleswerth Wants to Make You Deaf | Leo DeJesus
Circle Bar - 10PM

People Under the Steps (aka DJ Housefly+ Paul B) | Mr Cool Bad Guy
Dragons Den - 10pm

Ryan Floyd
Fair Grinds Coffee House - 7PM

Groovesect | Grandma's Boy
Joy Theater - 8PM

Andre Bohren
Little Gem Saloon - 5PM

Nayo Jones
Little Gem Saloon - 8PM

Bullet Made Statues | Paulina Cameron | The Drizz | Marley Munroe | KHAN
Mint - 7:30PM

WHORES. | Ossacrux | Room 101
Siberia - 9PM

Spooky LeStrange and her Billion Dollar Baby Dolls
Siberia - 6-9PM

Comedy Gumbeaux
Wolf Den (at the Howlin Wolf) - 8:30PM

Mood Indigo
Zeitgeist - 5:30PM

Rich Hill
Zeitgeist - 7:30PM

Zeitgeist - 9:30PM

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