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updated 08.12.08

Here are some old live tracks from a show we played with True North and Memory as Perfection in January of 2003 at Kurt and Craig's 829 House in Baton Rouge.  The recording is a little shakey, but it definitely brings back some fun times at my favorite space for shows ever.  Thank you, Michael Burton's brother for recording this show and so many others.


We broke up.  Thanks to everyone who supported us.

Anyone who has photos or videotape of us, please get in touch.  Here are over a hundred pictures from the last show thanks to Matt Roth.  And here are a few cool pictures of our show in Goleta thanks to Chandler Briggs.  Mp3s from the cd are now up in the section linked below.  

If you want an actual cd, send $7 to:  Bryan Funck | 1624 N. Starrett Rd. | Metairie, LA 70003.  Or you can bring me five bucks in person.  

Even though it's been a few years, we still might release the tracks we recorded with Chris George; hopefully, they will be on a split LP with our buddies Gathered Here (who are AMAZING).  Chuck, Dave, and Steve had a band with Greg Stein called A Hunger Artist, but they broke up after the hurricane.  Eric was in the Red Beards with Little James Hayes, Tate Carson, and Isidore Justin Grisoli; they put out an awesome CD and broke up, but I think Eric and Tate are working on a new band with our pal Eldon Ahrold.  Eric is still playing with Tommy in PROMIS, with a bunch of our other friends in Rougarou, and touring with One Man Machine.  After Katrina, Chuck moved up to DC and played in various bands with our Sterling-Richmond-DC buddies, including a hardcore band called Anchors and a great rock band called Pizza.  He's since moved back to New Orleans and has been jamming with James Hayes (Red Beards) and Adam Bebe (Rougarou), and he also has a gore grind band called Elizabeth with Sean and Greg (As They Wept).  I'm still living large in New Orleans.  Me, Steve, and Eric are playing together again in our old band Chopsley with our buddies Steve Springer and Scott Francioni,and I also sing in this doomy sludge band called Thou with some Baton Rouge chaos wizards.  And while I was in Oakland after the hurricane, I was in a band called Path of Daggers Crown of Swords with Jonathan West (Gathered Here), James Whitten (Structural Damage), Matt Leonard (An Arrow in Flight), and Dominic Sevieri (Days to Streaks); we never played any shows, but we recorded all our songs and you can download them from the site.  Dave Janz, the smartest of the bunch, is moving out of New Orleans up to Tennessee to complete his medical school residency.  Oh, and Dave and Steve were also playing in Scott's band Secret Passage with Eric; they have a bunch of amazing recordings that no one will ever hear, and they never play shows ever.  That's the way to do it.

Our buddies Keith and Sean from Rat in a Bucket have a new band called Haarp who are great.  And Brian Serpas and Justin Grisoli from the Faeries play in a rock band called Big Baby.  Joey Gates from the Faeries is living out on the North Shore and doing an electro-volk project called Vargr Wulf.  Mike Patton moved up to Nashville with most of his brothers and has a new pop band called The Loblaws.

Love always, Bryan.


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past shows:

Thanks to everyone who helped us out on the 2003 summer tour...

(shows and floors) Raha & Christy!, Eric/Kids Skateshop, James & Vegan Hotdawg Greg, Karim & Billy, Mike/Russ/Go!, Josh Sisk, Alexander Reading, Josh Pittsburgh, Joe Pittsburgh/the Cube/Roboto/climbing shit, all Waukegan kids sans the horny teens, Tanner, Chris/Shirantha/Babylon Cafe, Rusty/Brian/Lynda/515 Crew, Tuyet/Garageland, David/Angelsneveranswer, JD, Tate & co. (the nicest on tour), Travis/Brandon/Ben/Erin/Squints/Dirty Feet/2nd Ave Pizza/Me Infecto, Parker/Diner Haus, Nate Groady/Tim Mustafa/Nocturnal, Gabe/Dana/Santa Cruz Anarchists, Dan/Gilman, David/Ron/Chain Reactions, Erik/Randy/Casa del Pueblo, Celeste & Mikey, Fil/Chandler/SB college radio/Biko House, Ashley/Che Cafe, Amy Hutchinson (nicest house on tour), Rob San Diego, Kevin Lomax's band's house, Nik Omaha, Darren/Aaron/the Powerpad and everyone who lives there/all Omaha kids, Colton/Ryan/the Cedar Rapids kids, Brian/Fireside, Nick/Human Order, Cathy/Chris Clavin/Greg's House and everyone who lives there, Ginger/The Farmhouse, and everyone else who tried to help us.    

(shits and giggles) Tommy, James, Carl, Lauren, Greg, Kara, Joey/Brian/Justin/Jack/THE FAERIES, Keith/Shaun/Ramon/Troy/RAT IN A BUCKET, Michael/Otter/Mike/Chris/Jesse/MANNEQUIN, Drew/Kathy/J/Allison/CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE, Kevin/Pat/Matt/Maha/Brian/MAJORITY RULE, Justin/Alex/ADRIELL, Steve/Destiny/A GAME OF YOU, Jonathan Moore/Kevin/Jeff Kane/Josh/RVA, Katy/Basla/DEL CIELO, Sean/Seth/Josh/TAKARU, Matt Arrowsinflight, Curtis/Dustin/CURT'S GARAGE, Ginger/Ronnie/ONE REASON, Alan/MORSECODE HEARTBEAT, Scott/Matt/Breonne/Tim/THIS SCARES ME, Zach & Jr for making the Drive, Boulder Jon for getting screwed twice (SORRY), Jack Saturn, Cyrus in San Francisco, Reading mechanics, old man surfer dude who missed his bus and got in the van, "Shut the fuck up about it" Midas man, EVERYONE WHO LENT US BASS EQUIPMENT, and the greyhouse/greyghost van for not killing us even though you wanted to.  

(soundtrack) Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Amy San Diego mix tape, Nik Omaha mix tape, Ryan Cedar Rapids mix tape, the new Circle Takes the Square, the new Majority Rule, Nirvana unplugged, Radiohead pablo honey, The The, 120 minute AC/DC mix, 120 minute Avail mix, various mixtapes made by Bryan's Past Mistakes, Eric's mix for Mary Nova and James (and every tape that sounded just like them), and whatever Chuck was listening to on his headphones.

(070) 08.02.03 Dixie Taverne with Majority Rule, This Scares Me, Chainsaw Sex Vikings, and the Runamucks.

(069) 08.01.03 Legion Hall [Denham Springs, Louisiana] with Majority Rule, This Scares Me, Memory as Perfection, Same Dull Star, and Kenmores.

(068) 07.31.03 Farmhouse [Cleveland, Mississippi] with Latterman, Speakeasey, and One Reason.

(067) 07.30.03 Greg's House [Bloomington, Indiana] with Rise Over Run.

(066) 07.29.03 Fireside Bowl [Chicago, Illinois] with Adriell, The Heroes, and The Scissors.

(065) 07.27.03 Mohawk Park [Cedar Rapids, Iowa] with The Last will be the First, Sine Nomine, Dawn Treader, The  Squints, and Sadistic Kids.

(064) 07.24.03 Biko House [Goleta, California] with Majority Rule, Circle Takes the Square, and Mannequin.

(063) 07.21.03 Ché Cafe [San Diego, California] with Majority Rule, Please Mr. Gravedigger, C is for Cookie, and R.O.M.E.

(062) 07.20.03 KCSB 91.9fm [Santa Barbara, California].

(061) 07.20.03 la Casa del Pueblo [Los Angeles, California] with Tears of Gaia and Stricken.

(060) 07.19.03 Chain Reactions [Anaheim, California] with As Hope Dies, Asherah, Kid Gorgeous, and Tire Iron.

(059) 07.18.03 Gilman St. [Berkeley, California] with Majority Rule, PROMIS, Takaru, Del Cielo, and This is My Fist (acoustic).

(058) 07.16.03 Gabe's House [Santa Cruz, California] with Takaru, Dignen, and Kill Dash Nine.

(057) 07.15.03 Nocturnal [Portland, Oregon] with Morse Code Heartbeat, Mustafa Mond, and Unit Breed.

(056) 07.14.03 some kids' house [Olympia, Washington] with Laid to Waste, Wolves in the Throneroom, and Oggatron.

(055) 07.13.03 2nd Ave. Pizza [Seattle, Washington] with Me Infecto and Kled.

(054) 07.12.03 Dirty Feet Warehouse [Seattle, Washington] with Playing Enemy, Tion, and Doomsday 1999.

(053) 07.11.03 JD & Friends [Boise, Idaho] with From Ashes Rise.

(052) 07.10.03 Club Drakula's [Cheyenne, Wyoming] with From Ashes Rise, Pariah Caste, and Stolen Faith.

(051) 07.09.03 Garageland [Denver, Colorado] with Rat in a Bucket, Humble Ary, Autokineton, and Jennifer.

(050) 07.08.03 Powerpad [Omaha, Nebraska] with Rat in a Bucket, Eavesdrop, and Dr. Stranglelove.

(049) 07.07.03 Botannical Center [Des Moines, Iowa] with Rat in a Bucket, Once Lost Pictures, More.Ink.Please and the Skeptics.

(048) 07.06.03 Babylon Cafe [Minneapolis, Minnesota] with Rat in a Bucket, Aneuretical, and Hero's Drive.

(047) 07.05.03 Tanner's House [Sioux Falls, South Dakota] with Rockets Red Glare,  Rat in a Bucket, and Plain of Jars.

(046) 07.04.03 Alex's Barn [Waukegan, Illinois] with Rat in a Bucket, Self Inheritance, Adriell, Canula, Daedulus, and Received Damaged.

(045) 07.03.03 Mr. Roboto Project [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania] with The Faeries, Circle Takes the Square, Mannequin, Bright Calm Blue, and Welcome to the Plague Year.

(044) 07.02.03 Alex's dad's House [Reading, Pennsylvania] with The Faeries, Circle Takes the Square, Mannequin, Welcome to the Plague Year, and If There Be Thorns.

(043) 07.01.03 UMD Nyumburu Cultural Center [College Park, Maryland] with The Faeries, Circle Takes the Square, Crestfallen, Mannequin, and Nine Billion Names for God.

(042) 06.29.03 Go! [Chapel Hill, North Carolina] with The Faeries, Choke Their Rivers with Our Dead, and Amish Jihad.

(041) 06.28.03 Coffee Connection [Daytona Beach, Florida] at seven pm with The Faeries, Exosus, Protagonist, and A Game of You.

(040) 06.28.03 James and Greg's House [Orlando, Florida] with The Faeries.

(039) 06.27.03 The Kids Skate Shop [Tampa Bay, Florida] with The Faeries and A Game of You.

(038) 06.13.03 End of the Line [Pensacola, Florida] with It's a Fucking Trap! and Bright Calm Blue.

(037) 06.10.03 Dixie Taverne at 9pm with As Hope Dies and This Scares Me.

(036) 06.09.03 829 House [Baton Rouge, Louisiana] with This Scares Me and Gathered Here.

(035) 05.28.03 (aka Don's Warehouse with Light the Fuse & Run, Transistor Transistor, and Gathered Here.

(034) 05.12.03 Mermaid Lounge with Chin Up Chin Up and The Faeries.

(033) 05.02.03 American Legion Hall [Denham Springs, Louisiana] with Every Waking Moment, Someday Carolina, Burning Issue, and Same Dull Star.

(032) 05.01.03 829 House [Baton Rouge, Louisiana] with Hadaka Matsuri and We the Living.

(031) 04.03.03 Mama's Blues with Mannequin, Exit Eighty-Six, and The Faeries.

(030) 04.02.03 Dixie Taverne with Mannequin, Murder by Death, and The Faeries.

(029) 03.07.03 Tipitina's with Mahayla and Blair Gimma.

(028) 03.05.05 Rock n Reel [Mobile, Alabama] with Head Pro and The American Dream.

(027) 03.04.03 Common Grounds [Gainesville, Florida] with Mi Armoire, Kumite, and Stressface.

(026) 03.03.03 Seabreeze Coffee Connection [Daytona, Florida] with The South, Fourth Street Caravan, Fallout Boy, and Loving Lady Death.

(025) 03.02.03 Alix's House [Savannah, Georgia] with Hammurd Shit and Blinded by Hope.

(024) 03.01.03 Tight Pockets [Athens, Georgia] with Carrie Nations, This Scares Me, and K-10 Prospect.

(023) 02.10.03 Dixie Taverne with The Lost Sounds and Marx Marvelous.

(022) 02.01.03 Mama's Blues with Sicarii, Rat in a Bucket, and The Pine.

(021) 01.26.03 829 House [Baton Rouge, Louisiana] with True North and Memory as Perfection.

(020) 01.24.03 Old Orange Community Center [Gulfport, Mississippi] with The Volatiles and Recovery Period.

(019) 01.01.03 829 House [Baton Rouge, Louisiana] with Searching for Chin, Back When, Tigerbomb, Loaded for Bear, and Haste the Day.

(018) 12.31.02 The Ark with Searching for Chin, Back When, and Head Pro.

(017) 12.15.02 Will's Pub [Orlando, Florida] with City of Caterpillar, New Mexican Disaster Squad, and Loss for Words.

(016) 12.14.02 Kids Skate Shop [Tampa, Florida] with City of Caterpillar, Cowboys Became Folk Heroes, and Jesse Washington.

(015) 12.13.02 End of the Line [Pensacola, Florida] with City of Caterpillar, Ghost Mice, Saw Wheel, Takenfromyou, and Aerial View.

(014) 12.12.02 The Ark with City of Caterpillar, Ghost Mice, Saw Wheel, Human Order, Gathered Here, and Memory as Perfection.

(013) 12.11.02 829 House [Baton Rouge, Louisiana] with City of Caterpillar, Human Order, and Encompass & Stalemate.

(012) 11.26.02 Dixie Taverne with Floor, Lickgoldensky, and Gathered Here.

(011) 11.09.02 The Ark with Marc with a C, Gathered Here, and When Dreams Become Nightmares.

(010) 10.04.02 Dixie Taverne with Teen Cthulu and Hawg Jaw.

(009) 08.25.02 829 House [Baton Rouge] with Head Pro, The Black Sun, and Memory as Perfection.

(008) 08.24.02 The House of Metal [Houston, Texas] with Head Pro, One Man's Conflict, and Three Mile Walk.

(007) 08.23.02 Juke's House [Austin, Texas] with Head Pro and Fuck Work.

(006) 08.22.02 Wildhare's [El Paso, Texas] with Head Pro and some indie rock band that played too many covers and waited outside while we played.

(005) 08.19.02 The Smell [Los Angeles, California] with Head Pro, The Wives, and The Christ Punchers.

(004) 08.16.02 Laurel St. House [Santa Cruz, California] with Head Pro, Sicarii, I Am Bentar, and The Devil Makes Three.

(003) 08.13.02 Juno's [Sioux Falls, South Dakota] with Head Pro, Psychosomatic, Chronic Mass, and Deadline.

(002) 08.12.02 515 Collective [Des Moines, Iowa] with Head Pro, Breakdance, and Resin.

(001) 08.11.02 Plan B [Ft. Smith, Arkansas] with Head Pro.